10 Cleaning Hacks to Make Life Easier

Cleaning is a pain — even without hacks. So, we put together a list of regular household items that you can use to make quick work of your Spring cleaning.

Dryer Sheets – These inexpensive little sheets are more than just something to throw in the dryer. You can use them to buff out water spots on mirrors or windows, clean rings around your toilet, and brighten up baseboards.

Lemons – When your garbage disposal starts to smell, slice a lemon and let it run through the disposal to cover up any unwanted odors.

Socks & Vinegar – Blinds can be a tricky thing to clean, so grab a bucket and mix vinegar with water. Place your hand inside a sock and dip the sock in the mixture. Then, use the sock to wipe down the each slat of your blinds.

Salt – If you ever have stain that just won’t come out of clothes or carpet — try pouring salt on the stain and rubbing it out under some running water.

Dish Wand – These are not just for dishes like the name implies. Fill one of them with vinegar and dish soap to clean up shower scum from your bathroom.

Baking Soda – There are dozens of cleaning hacks for baking soda, but one that is lesser known is that it can be used to deodorize and clean furniture. Just pour it on your sofa or recliner, let it sit for half an hour, and then vacuum it up.

Rubbing Alcohol & Salt – Grease stains are a real pain to wipe out completely. So try the time-tested mix of rubbing alcohol and salt to send those nasty grease stains way for good.

Bread – This is a strange one. If you ever break a glass and are having trouble locating all of the shards, get a loaf of bread. Take each slice and press it down on the area where the glass shattered. It should pick up the remaining shards and keep you from getting a painful cut.

Play-Doh – That’s right. A long-time favorite for kids can actually come in handy for adults. When you have a glitter problem on your hands, use Play-Doh to pick it up with ease.

Vinegar & Baking Soda – Ahhh. These two cleaning heavyweights can knock out a slough of messes. But, the pairing is especially good for unclogging drains. Just mix with hot water and pour it down the clogged pipe.