10 Ways to Reuse Cardboard Boxes

So you’re finished moving and now you have dozens of boxes lying around. You could recycle them or you could give them a new life. Check out these cool DIY tips for transforming old cardboard into something to write home about.

With a little creativity, cardboard boxes make perfect gift boxes.

  1. RE-GIFTING – You don’t have to spend money at the store for gift bags. A quality cardboard box can be redecorated with paint, string, and other craft supplies to create a custom gift box. It will make the item inside even more special!

  2. PLANTING – With the cut of a knife and a few folds an old box can become your next planter. Line the bottom with something that can absorb water, then drop your soil and seeds inside.
  3. STORAGE – This seems like a no brainer, but you would be surprised at how often people ditch cardboard boxes for a more expensive tote. Hold on to your boxes, because you never know when you’ll need somewhere to place your old belongings.

    You can use cardboard to make a scratching post for your cat.

  4. CAT SCRATCH FEVER – If you have some corrugated cardboard, then you have all you need to create your cat’s next favorite toy. Just roll up the corrugated ends into circles and glue them together and you have a cat scratcher!
  5. COASTERS – Tired of your tables getting water marks? Well you can make custom coasters by doubling up some cardboard boxes, slicing them into circles, and adding a decorative layer.
  6. WEED KILLER – Lay a collapsed box onto the weeds in your yard. It won’t take long for the box to suffocate those weeds.
  7. PICTURE FRAMES – Cardboard frames have their own look and feel. They’re more flat than your typical frame and you can make them your own. Measure out the size of the picture and cut that out of the box. Feel free to decorate them and add texture by using some art supplies.

    Corrugated cardboard is great for creating dividers, picture frames, and coasters.

  8. ARTS & CRAFTS – There is an entire world of cardboard creations waiting for you on the internet. Pinterest is a great place to start.
  9. DIVIDERS – Need help making sense of your drawers? Cut out a few pieces of your box and use them to divide your clothes. This also comes in handy when it comes to the kitchen.
  10. WALL ORGANIZER – Last but not least. You can take control of the clutter by stacking boxes upright against a wall. Make sure you cut out an open space on the top and bottom of the box. Then place them on top of each other flush against a wall. If you have time to decorate them, it’s an inexpensive alternative to shelving.


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For more thoughtful ideas on how to repurpose your cardboard boxes, check out this wonderful article from Porch.