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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Moving

There are moments where our ingenuity is put to the test. As I began this article, I felt a sense of writer’s block. It seemed like a relatively simple task: inform you fine people on tricks to make moving things easier. Yet…nothing. So I decided to make a pot of coffee. Only…there were no filters. […]

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10 Things You Might Forget When You Move

Moving, although a hopeful and exciting start to a new journey, always carries some stress. It’s like packing to go on vacation. You can’t wait for the activities, relaxation, and carefree moments, but you obsess about the details and what to pack. You make a preliminary checklist and then regroup halfway through and make another […]

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5 Tips You Can Use to Avoid Mistakes on Moving Day

Disney movies have a way disenfranchising unsuspecting kids from the real world of adulthood. How so you ask? Have you ever heard of Mary Poppins? Ever watched the movie? With a petite nose wrinkle and the snap of her fingers- POOF!- the room is clean and tidy. How about the Seven Dwarfs and the insanely […]

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Do’s and Don’ts of Moving a Piano

A beautiful instrument that has remained popular in a variety of music genres for centuries, the piano has provided two things consistently in its history:  amazing music and a wonderment as to how to move the dang thing?!?!  While some aspects of transporting such an elegantly mammoth instrument are common sense, some tips may not […]

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