3 Ways to Make Your New City Feel Like Home

Moving can be a stressful situation on many levels. How is that piano getting moved? Who’s offering the best deal on a box truck? Just how many boxes do you actually need? Often lost in the shuffle is just what’s in store for you once you get settled into your new digs. Sometimes a new state or city can feel like a completely different world, so here are 3 ways to settle in and make things feel a bit more familiar.

Remember to Enjoy Every Sandwich

In a powerful moment, Warren Zevon once told David Letterman that he had been reminded “how much you’re supposed to enjoy every sandwich”. That powerful moment carries weight in several situations. Being in a new city can feel overwhelming and even frightening, so one of the best ways to start feeling more at home is to find those restaurants similar to the ones you loved in your previous residence. I can speak for this personally, as during a move from an extremely small town of 3,500 to a burgeoning college city nearly twelve times the size, one of the things that gave me comfort was going to one of their several locally-owned cafes and bistros. Yet another example of just what good food can do for you.

Establish A Routine, Then Break It

The first few weeks of living in your new city can be fraught with confusion, so in addition to finding a good sandwich, it’s of importance to form a routine of places you can go to get supplies and groceries along with the easiest routes to take. Apps such as Google Maps, Waze, and Apple’s Maps can be of huge assistance here, as they all provide detailed traffic information so that you can avoid troublesome traffic or pesky road work.

Of importance to this, however, is that you gradually start changing that routine over time. Find new places to shop or explore a local park. Every city and town has something you can check out…or at least something interesting nearby.

Listen to Your Co-Workers

Your co-workers can be a fantastic source of information regarding your new hometown. After all, not everybody working beside you is Michael Scott. Talking to them about things to do or places they enjoy can not only give you much-needed information regarding excellent places to visit, but those conversations can also break the ice and help you feel more settled at home along with your workplace. Get-togethers with co-workers can provide excellent conversations and stories, so when you get the opportunity to talk or join a teammate for a new experience, it’s something you should at least consider.

Getting settled in a new city doesn’t have to be personally unsettling. One underrated source of information can in fact be the moving company you employ to you help you transport your things. Talk to them as things are getting packed or unpacked and you’ll be surprised at how much they may know about your new town. If you’re ready to get started in a new area or just have questions about your new landing spot, give a call to the Good Guys Moving and Delivery crew to take the first step towards enjoying your new home.