5 Tips You Can Use to Avoid Mistakes on Moving Day

Disney movies have a way disenfranchising unsuspecting kids from the real world of adulthood. How so you ask?

Have you ever heard of Mary Poppins? Ever watched the movie? With a petite nose wrinkle and the snap of her fingers- POOF!- the room is clean and tidy. How about the Seven Dwarfs and the insanely cheerful tunes of “Whistle while you work…”?

Let’s be real- adulting and all of its decisions can be hard work. No one understands this better than those who have experienced a move. So much going on in such a short amount of time. How do you get it all done? Instead of abandoning hope and watching “The Little Mermaid,” check out our list of top five tips to avoid mistakes on moving day.

#1 Be the brain and not the brawn.   

You are probably really great at packing and lifting and loading, but on moving day or in the time leading up to it, you might be better suited for administrative duties.

Take the time to label boxes, plan the route, meet and questions potential moving companies, filling out paperwork and address changes, notifying employers or school personnel of the changes, etc. You cannot become so overwhelmed with doing the work that you fail to actually make it work.  

#2 Sort your stuff, but DON’T save it.

Chances are you will not have an accurate estimate of just how much stuff you have. Every house harbors the rarely opened “junk drawer” or storage closet full of treasures. Don’t wait until the last minute to start organizing. People ALWAYS run out of time for failing to plan. Go through your things and be honest with yourself about a legitimate need to keep it. Don’t waste time, money, and effort to move it when you are going to throw it away later.

#3 Pack purposefully.

Don’t just assume throwing it all into a box will get it there in one piece and without any stress. In moving, size does matter; don’t pack books into an empty refrigerator box. Don’t skimp on bubble wrap or newspaper for that antique china and hope your old towels will do the trick. It might seem faster to simply get it packed in whatever way, shape, or form, but the end result is chaos and possible damaged goods. Utilize moving companies and quality, sturdy materials to ensure safe passage for your things.

#4 Meet your movers.

Don’t save the meet and greet with your moving company to the day of the move. Always get an estimate from potential movers, as well as references on their work. Be sure to ask questions and carefully read the paperwork. Be sure of your responsibilities and provisions, and be ready to assist as they find necessary.

#5 Check your checklist.

With the frantic pace of moving, don’t rely on your mental capabilities to ensure you got everything or did everything. Print out a moving checklist and refer to it frequently throughout the entire moving process. Watching your progress will keep you on track with time considerations, but also give you a sense of accomplishment that this big overwhelming task is actually getting done.  

As far as we can tell, Disney has got nothing on us when it comes to moving and making those dreaded adult decisions.

Well, maybe having a magic lamp and a genie would be completely awesome, but let’s stick to reality.  Working through this list of tips will have you moving like a pro, as you will be aware of the potential problems and pitfalls experienced by even the best of them.

Take our advice and you got this. And feel free to whistle, because it really does help pass the time.