“Thanks for calling Good Guys, this is Edie…”

It’s a phrase you’ll hear each day at Good Guys H.Q.

Our In-Office Administrator Edie Saenz is the pleasant voice behind the phone at our office in Chattanooga.

Edie handles the logistics of dozens of moves at our office in Chattanooga.

She has a hand (and ear) in most of the business that goes through our doors. Edie has been an invaluable member of the team for almost three years now.

When she’s not keeping our other managers in check, she enjoys reading historical fiction and spending time with her five kids!

But it’s all business when she’s behind her desk.

From personalized customer service and quotes to invoices and receiving, Edie is truly a one-woman show.

Edie has made a habit of turning rough situations into smooth transitions.

“We had a customer moving when Hurricane Dorian hit the East Coast. She was moving to South Carolina. We loaded her items up and we were supposed to deliver them the day after the storm was expected to hit. Needless to say, she was panicking — expecting more charges and added fees because we had to store her items longer than anticipated. But thankfully, we were able to hold her items at no extra cost. She was very, very thankful and extremely happy!”

Good Guys is a family company — the proof is evident from the first moment you walk in the doors.

Edie lifts a piece of furniture with her husband, Warehouse Manager Ricky Saenz.

The Saenz family makes up nearly half of our managerial staff which creates the kind of supportive atmosphere you won’t find at most moving companies.

“It is rewarding to work for a company that can be flexible. Sometimes working with family can be super stressful, but most of the time it’s not because I know if my kids are sick, I can go take care of them.”

Edie’s commitment to the company is unwavering, despite some “slippery” situations.

“I walked in one day and the offices were flooded. Water was pouring in, but we still had work to do. So, I transferred all of the calls to my personal phone and handled it all from home.”

We would like to thank Edie for her steadfast dedication and fun-loving spirit (plus she brings puppies to the office, so that’s great too!).

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