Eugan Riggs joins Good Guys from Kingston, Jamaica.

For the past year-and-a-half, he’s been tackling tough jobs across the U.S.

Eugan actually has a degree from Caribbean Maritime University, so his path to Good Guys is definitely unique.

“I lived in the neighborhood, so I stopped in and met the General Manager, Rusty. He hired me on the spot and told me he was ‘always looking for Good Guys,’” Eugan said.

Eugan carefully wraps a piece of furniture inside of a home.

When his time at Good Guys is up, he plans to join the hospitality industry. His experience here has prepared him to handle some of the situations he’ll encounter in the future.

“Marshal Bowser and I moved this couple from Virginia. They had looked up apartments online and found a duplex situation in a person’s house. They signed a lease purely based on pictures. So, when they moved into the place it was just awful. Nothing was like how it looked in the pictures and there was a pest problem. Basically, they were cat-fished while trying to look for a place to live. So, we moved them out of that home and into a nice apartment complex instead,” Eugan said.

Eugan isn’t afraid to take the reigns and get the job done.

“This field involves a lot of manual labor, but often times you move people and you’re not just moving them physically, you’re moving them out of bad situations. That in itself is rewarding. You’re helping people and giving them peace of mind.”

He’s seen his fair share of prized possessions.

“I remember a customer had a giant, five-feet tall, 300 lbs turtle. She said ‘this is the most important thing in the house. Nothing happens to this turtle’. We got it there safe and sound, and today it’s sitting in a yard freaking out the neighbors.

Outside of Good Guys, Eugan likes to play video games, rugby, and sing karaoke.

Thanks for being an awesome member of the team!

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