Ricky has been a Good Guy for three years, but he’s been in the moving business for the better part of a decade!

He started as a mover and gradually worked his way up to Operations Manager.

Operations Manager Ricky Saenz carefully places a crate of precious items in storage.

“One thing I love about moving is that I get to travel all over the country. I’ve probably flown ten times because of moving. I’ve been to all but five states,” Ricky said.

“I remember one time I had to take three flights in a week. It started in Seattle, then Chicago, and Myrtle Beach. I packed the belongings because the crew was inexperienced.”

Ricky said he’s had other moves that were just as demanding, but sometimes things pan out in a special way.

“I flew out to San Jose, loaded two slammed trucks. Then, we had to drive to Boise. We were actually a day ahead of schedule so we stopped in Reno, Nevada. I don’t gamble but I enjoyed walking around, seeing the deserts, and the mountains. And, when we finished the job, we all got tips!”

“I also took a trip from Kansas City to Yuma. It was 110 degrees as we were unloading! But, we got it finished under the estimated price, so we took some time to eat Hawaiian mango shrimp and rice at an awesome restaurant.”

That’s quite a trip! But, sightseeing isn’t what he looks forward to most.

“My favorite part about working here is meeting and training the new guys — and meeting the truck drivers and hearing their stories. Plus, I love the physical labor of running the warehouse.”

Ricky is the anchor of our in-house operations, and he likes to run a tight ship.

“I take a lot of pride about how clean and organized our warehouse. I’ve been to a lot of other warehouses and it’s just not the same.”

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