Chattanooga Moving Guide: What You Need to Know

Thinking of relocating to Tennessee? To borrow a phrase from the famed Dolly Parton, ya’ll come on down and check out Chattanooga!  A small town that entertained big city dreams, Chattanooga has become the 4th largest city in Tennessee and offers a picturesque retreat for hardcore city slickers without sacrificing any of the comforts or amenities of city living. After winning Outside Magazine’s number one place to live in all of the US-not once but twice- Chattanooga offers outdoor incentives that rival its up-and-coming business and professional development areas. Still not convinced? Check out these reasons to move to Chattanooga.

Chattanooga’s riverboat, and cruise the Tennessee River while enjoying music, food, and great historic insights into the Tennessee Valley.

It’s adaptable.

So you might hear some complaints about the weather here in Tennessee. Really hot and humid in the summer; really rainy in the fall; really random in the winter and spring. Well, to be honest, it can get a little confusing trying to predict the weather patterns, but Chattanooga has got you covered in spite of what Mother Nature is doing. Along with fantastic outdoor opportunities, Chattanooga has a generous selection of indoor activities as well. From the art galleries in the Hunter Museum, the shopping selection along the North Shore or Warehouse Row, the Creative Discovery Children’s Museum, the award-winning Aquarium, the historic Tivoli Theatre and more, kids and adults will always find some very affordable entertainment options in Chattanooga.

It’s appetizing.

We know you can’t “eat” a city, but it started with an “A”. Cut us some slack and focus on the real food you can find in Chattanooga. While you have your traditional chain restaurants, this city has a big appetite for quirky and local eateries. The Pickle Barrel, the Purple Daisy, historic and classic Bea’s Restaurant, and Mr. T’s are where you can find a casual and authentic taste of local living. Upscale dining and or night on the town might take you to Hennens, the Big River Grille, the Boathouse, or St. Johns. Food for every palate abounds in Chattanooga, and if you prefer to stay in and cook, the diverse population has brought markets and grocery stores that offer international cuisine supplies and fresh produce.

It’s accessible.

While you might be thinking traffic patterns and such, we are referring to the opportunities found in Chattanooga. The job market is holding its own, in comparison to cities around the US, but there are several non-profits and organizations promoting entrepreneurship and sponsoring first-time business owners. There is room for manufacturing, technology, medical and healthcare professionals, educators, and the list could go on and on. There is huge potential for the career-minded individual or the artisans who live their dream at the open-air markets and festivals.

Have we gotten your attention? Chattanoogans are quite proud of their home, and they have good reason to be.  You can find what you need but without the headaches, smog, and congestion of major hubs around the country. It’s affordable, definitely giving it the upper hand for those looking to make a permanent change. If the Chattanooga Choo Choo still ran and Track 29 was still functioning, we would suggest hopping on board for a little tour. But since you’ll like it so much you’ll want to stay, perhaps you should just start packing the moving van and get on the road.