How to Choose a Storage Unit That Works for You

As usual, George Carlin pretty much hit the nail on the head when he clarified this bit of everyday living: “A house is just a place to keep your stuff while you go out and get more stuff.”

What, then, should you do when stuff runneth over? What about when it’s time to uproot and move into a smaller place? Storage units aren’t just the stuff of alleged reality show fakery. They can play a vital role in letting you hold onto important items securely while you handle real-life situations such as moving, remodeling, or subletting. Though size and security are always paramount when figuring out your storage logistics, there are some factors that can help save your money and give peace of mind. Here are some things to consider when looking at where to lodge your loot:

1. Beware a Fender Bender

As any musician can attest to, instruments are a fragile breed. Certain woods can be greatly affected by changes in temperature or humidity, causing them to fracture or twist in extreme scenarios. It’s not just that guitar ‘you’ll get around to playing’ or clarinet you played in marching band, though. Smaller tables and chairs can just as easily be damaged if left in overly moist rooms for a long period of time, as any cracks in its finish or exposed wood will absorb moisture and expand. Temperature swings of twenty degrees or more in a short time span can also lead to wood expanding or contracting, which can cause damaged joints or wobbly wood.

Conversely, you have a chance to save quite a bit of cash if your items don’t require central air and heat so that trumpet you also played in marching band? By all means!

2. Keep It Under Lock and Key…and Lock and Key…and Lock and Key

Security was mentioned earlier as a key feature, but that may mean a bit more than you realize. Thanks to the reputation as a business that requires low overhead costs (about that…), you likely have several storage buildings in a variety of places around town.

Unfortunately, no place is ever completely secure.  So pay attention to what security systems the storage areas you are interested in utilize. Of course, the buildings will often have a fence or let you lock up your storage unit with your own lock, but more reputable areas will have keypads for the building entrance and cameras throughout the premises. It doesn’t necessarily have to be Fort Knox, but it is absolutely worth paying extra for a place that features multiple ways to keep your items secure.

In a worst-case scenario, you can also take out storage insurance as means of at least being reimbursed in case crooks crack their way in.

3. Your Spare Spare Room?!

Access is something a lot of people take for granted in regards to their storage facilities. While 24-hour to your items sounds like a great idea…just how often are you going to need to go get your backup end table at four in the morning?


And you’re worried about that?

Then absolutely pay for that level of access! If the ability to get to that room at all times is high on the priority list, then it should absolutely be paid for. For when it’s essentially your spare room filled with half-broken knick-knacks and every terrible Christmas sweater you were ever gifted, then save yourself the moolah and look to a limited-access time frame.

Every stockpile situation is different, so securing some swell storage swamis will always be a good idea to keep in the back of your mind. If you’re ready to reserve your items elsewhere, contact the Good Guys Moving and Delivery team so you can be on your way to finally freeing up some space for more…stuff!