Coast to Coast moving: What you should know

Moving  across town or to another nearby state is stressful enough, let alone moving across the country. It’s already going to be quite an adjustment starting a new job, meeting new people, and just getting yourself familiar with your new surrounding. There are things to consider when preparing to move across the country, so you need to be well prepared and ready for anything to avoid any further unneeded stress.

When thinking about moving across the country, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep the following in mind:

Economic stability – what are the career opportunities in this new city? How is the economy – can you be confident that you won’t be laid off from you new job?

Certification – if your job requires you to be licensed or certified, are the ones you have transferable to another state or do you need to acquire that before you go? You want to be sure that your credentials are up to date and that you are able to do business in the new state once you get there to avoid any time lost just to acquire such things.

Cost of living – how much is gas, food, car insurance, mortgage/rent, and average cost for utilities in the new state? Making yourself a new budget before you leave will make the transition easier when you know what to expect – this will also help you better negotiate pay for that new job knowing what you need.

Downsize – are you taking everything with you or can you cut back on a lot of items? The more items you take, the more time it will take to load and unload and this may affect moving prices. We all tend to accumulate a lot of things over time. Keep only what you really need and get rid of anything you don’t have to have. You can give away items to family or donate to shelters or shelters; another option would be to sell items and use that money to curb moving costs.

Moving date – this is more important than people realize. Weekends and holidays tend to have higher rates for moving than weekdays. Try to schedule your move during the week to get the best rate and availability of movers and/or a moving truck.

Now that you know where and when you are moving, now is the time to think about how you and your items are going to get to the new location. It would be a good idea to get a few quotes no matter which mode of transportation you take.

Renting a truck – if you are needing something quick, this may be the route to take if you don’t want to spend the money on professional movers. Make sure you factor in the cost fuel, food, and any lodging accommodations.

Renting a portable storage container – this will give you more time to pack your items. Transportation fees (fuel, tolls, etc.) would be included in the price of the move. Pack the container at your leisure, and when you are ready, the company will pick up the container and ship it to your new location.

Hire a professional moving company – if you don’t want the hassle of loading and unloading your boxes, hiring a moving company may be the option for you. Let them worry about all the hard work until you arrive.

If you hire professional movers or a portable storage container company to move your belongings, you then need to decide how you, and your family, would get to the new state.

Drive – if you decide to drive your own vehicle, rather than have it towed with your belongings, keep in mind to budget gas, food, and lodging accommodations, if needed.

Fly – this would be the fastest way to get across the country without the hassles. This would definitely benefit those with small children, to avoid any crankiness in long travels.

Train or bus – if you aren’t in a hurry and would like a true adventure, the bus or train would be ideal. This is great way to see the country at a more relaxing pace. You may want to check the itineraries for both to see how many stops there are.

Moving is one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. Having a “game plan” and preparing for worst case scenarios will always make things go smoother. If you can, don’t jump the gun, but rather take the time to effectively and efficiently move across the country. It really will make a difference being prepared.