Cooking Up Savings: Renovating the Kitchen

Memories are made in the kitchen, so why not make your cooking space one to remember?

Here’s 10 simple ways to spice things up without going over budget:

Tackle projects in your spare time to save money!

1. DO IT YOURSELF – If you’re handy with a measuring tape, saw or drill, you can cut the cost of hiring an handyman. But before you start hammering away, make sure you have a comprehensive gameplan. One small mistake can turn into a world of trouble down the line!

2. KEEP WHAT YOU CAN – You may not need to rip everything out of your kitchen. Take a long, hard look at your cabinets, sinks, shelving, and appliances. Can any of these items stay? If so, consider making them a part of your new space.

3. FRESH PAINT – The simplest way to redefine a room runs through a paintbrush. You can find affordable colors at most hardware stores. Professional interior designers suggest using white to make your kitchen pop.

4. GET A HANDLE ON THINGS – Handles can be the accent you need to bring the room the together. Find the finish and color that best fits the look you want to achieve. A silver or matte finish can easily highlight the design of drawers of cabinets.

Redefine your room with modern cabinet doors and bright, LED lights.

5. DO MORE (OR LESS) WITH DOORS – Keeping the cabinets? Then perhaps you should invest in new cabinet doors. Replace your old, wooden doors with a more modern design. On the other hand, you could ditch the door altogether. It can open up smaller spaces and make items more accessible.

6. BETTER BACKSPLASH – Sure, it’s meant to catch food and oils, but a backsplash can be the center-point of a kitchen. A DIY day with some tile and grout can completely transform your space! Ceramic, glass, and porcelain tile can get fairly expensive, so you may need to consider an inexpensive alternative like laminate.

7. ALL OF THE LIGHTS – Lighting is everything. Bright, eco-friendly LED’s will bring a new energy to the room. Placement is another aspect worth your attention. Have you thought about placing lights underneath the cabinets? You can illuminate your counter tops and take your kitchen over the top!

8. DON’T MESS WITH THE PIPES – Step away from the pipes! Don’t spend the bulk of your renovation funds on new plumbing. Keep the drainage system and faucets where they are. Find a way to liven the space without tearing out the pipes.

Transform your kitchen with new counter tops.

9. SHOP COUNTER TOPS – Perhaps your kitchen only needs a new set of counter tops. Trendy materials like granite and marble are expensive, but scoping out the right deal can save you big time! Supply yards and wholesalers may have exactly what you’ve been searching for.

10. SCRATCH AND DENT – If you don’t mind a small ding here and there, slightly-damaged appliances are a real bargain. Appliance costs can pile up fast. So maybe take a second look at that oven with a small scratch or that refrigerator with a dent in the back.

We hope these tips help you save time and money. Need somewhere to store your items during your renovation? Good Guys can help! We offer climate-controlled storage solutions for homeowners across the South!