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Dumpsters: Do I Really Have That Much Junk?

When most people think of a dumpster, they think of commercial trash services. Residentially-speaking, very few consider how practical a dumpster might be for junk removal, except for servicing apartment locations or multiple-tenant situations. Although trash services can usually accommodate your waste removal needs, how does your trash can or garbage team handle deep cleaning or special project concerns? How can you tell if renting a dumpster is the right choice?

Stack the Stuff

As you begin your spring cleaning routine or clearing out a forgotten storage shed, you will find yourself with a mountain of stuff that has to go somewhere. It was probably easier bringing it in then it will be to take out. Many of your larger pieces came stacked and packed in nice, neat boxes and fit in the trunk of your car. Now, that’s not an option. How on earth will that giant pile of garbage fit in your trash can? Will it even fit in your trunk?

Unless you have a truck or trailer, it may be difficult for you to choose standard trash pickup or DIY disposal for junk removal. Even if you have the means to transport your waste to a local landfill or disposal center, you have to contend with the time, gas and energy it will take to finish the job. Landfill disposal charges by the pound, despite how many trips you may be making. Although it may seem a minor cost, factor in the gas and lost income for the time spent to load the garbage, haul it off and then unload it. Turning to a dumpster might be the most efficient and affordable way to remove the unwanted stuff.

Size Matters

If you take the mountain of junk you have cleared out and put it in proportion to the size of a dumpster, where do you stand? Does it seem minimal? Or does it seem too much? Renting a dumpster comes with options concerning the size. Small dumpsters start at 10 cubic yards and work their way up to 40 cubic yards. This equals about 14 feet long up to about 22 feet long. They are typically between three and a half to eight feet high and about seven and a half feet wide. Given the fact that their space will be more accommodating to awkward or oversized items, renting a dumpster and letting the removal company pick it up and haul it off may be your most affordable option.

If you see that a lot of your waste will be large furniture or appliances, you may find a dumpster more convenient than hauling it yourself. Cost is associated with size, but many roll-off dumpster companies also factor in type or debris, weight or length of rental in their quote. For you to rent the equipment or trailer to haul your large items can be quite costly, factoring in insurance, gas, lost wages, disposal fees and potentially hiring help.

See the Potential

So, you have cleaned out one closet, and you don’t see the need for a dumpster. What about the attic or basement that have been untouched in years? If you are going to clean, downsize or declutter, consider the potential amount of stuff when you take on the entire project at one time. One room may not be enough, but an entire garage or storage shed might be a different story.

Dumpster rental is also available for more than just junk removal. Yard maintenance often leaves debris that most garbage companies won’t take. Down tree limbs following a storm, excessive leaves or grass clippings or the row of bushes that you dug up may be good candidates for dumpster disposal. Home renovation projects inevitably have waste materials of wood, bricks or sheetrock, just as storm damage might create roofing tile debris or siding waste. These articles aren’t usually taken by commercial waste companies, but are perfectly acceptable when renting a dumpster. It’s not just about one small stack of stuff, but the bigger picture of a more thorough cleanout.

Renting a dumpster may be right for you if there is enough potential between housing projects, cleanout or yard work to justify the cost. However, it might help you to remember the old saying that “time is money”. With the effort-filled and time-consuming project of DIY’ing junk removal to the local disposal site, you may be able to save your sanity and some money by bringing the disposal to you through a dumpster rental.