Five storage tips you need to learn now.

Storage space is a precious commodity in most homes. Between family keepsakes, important documents, clothing, toys, electronics, and whatever else your family relies on, it can be hard to keep everything organized and uncluttered. If you find yourself running low on space, you don’t have to relocate in order to keep everything. Here are five tips on how to maximize your current space and provide more storage.

Invest in Modular Solutions

One thing most of us do is underutilize closet space . Most closets have single hanging rows for clothing with a shelving unit above. What if you could fill in space below and above with additional cubicle or shelving? Modular units come with several options ranging from wood, plastic, or even metal housing for the units.

Regardless of the material, this an economical and rather quick way to address storage issues. Modular shelving relies on the use of basket or totes to hold small items or folder clothing, but the flexibility of most modular solutions allows a homeowner to design a space that fits their needs specific to the size of the closet. Easy assembly makes this choice a win-win!

Adjustment and Rearrange

Most homeowners take their existing shelving units for granted, whether in kitchen cabinets, bookcases, or closets. While many bookshelves are hung according to a standard height of between 10”- 12”, cabinetry shelving is often spaced anywhere from 14”-18” depending on the size of the cabinet.  You may be able to adjust the height of some shelves to better suit your contents.

For example, your bookcases are set to a height of 12” but you have used this shelving to showcase family photos and awards rather than house a small library. Adjusting the height adds room for additional shelves to be added and create new space.

Pantry shelving is not always created to be a fixed position. Taking a few measurements and coordinating with your commonly stored goods gives you an opportunity to personalize the pantry space and rehang shelves according to your shopping list.

You would be surprised how much a critical eye would help your storage dilemma. Sometimes carefully rearranging is all it takes to free up space and maximize what is existing.

Find the Nooks and Crannies

Small spaces can serve a purpose if you know how to fill them. Storage totes are wonderful, but they are bulky and can take up valuable closet space. Try vacuum sealed bags for seasonal clothing or linens. These compact bags can fit under beds, stack along closet floors, or layer underneath vanities.

Single hooks hung under cabinets can create hanging space for coffee mugs, freeing valuable cabinet real estate. Use stick on pods to attach caddies or small baskets to the inside of a vanity or desk and create additional storage. Use shower curtains or additional curtain rods to create hanging space in an attic or other confined area.

Beauty in Baskets

While a wonderful adornment in homes, baskets can become a best friend in the fight against clutter. Functional yet visually pleasing, the use of baskets is a cheap way to gather paperwork, catch the mail, contain small toys, or even serve as a lost and found.

There are many sizes and shapes, allowing you to find baskets for tucking, stacking, stashing, or simply setting out by the door. Unlike boxes or closet shelving, baskets let you see the contents as you walk by or from where you sit. They are great at holding high-frequency objects like cd’s, charging cords, remotes, and even snacks.

Crane Your Neck

Who said storage has to be right in front of your nose? There is lots of space within a home to go vertical with storage. The inside of a door offers hanging space, and over-the-door hangers or command hooks allow you to hang a wide variety of storage solutions. Some of these include shoe organizers, garment bags and an assortment of racks. Utensils and certain kitchen supplies can also be hung on the inside of cabinet doors.

In the kitchen, utilize the top shelf above your cabinets. With stackable wire shelving, you might be able to double the storage space! Keep in mind it is a good place to store things that you don’t use very often or need to keep away from small prying fingers.

You could also install hanging pot racks to free up space. These come in both wall or ceiling hanging options, allowing you to free entire drawers or cabinets in one move. Hanging racks can also be used in your garage space. Hanging shelving is an excellent way to get tools and equipment into a more efficient storage system.

You don’t need to decide between your past and present when it comes to finding a place for all your possessions. An economical decision would be to invest in your current storage situation with the hopes that all you have acquired will one day reveal its value. Check with our Good Guys Movers for additional help with creating storage solutions for your home!