Four Reasons You Should Choose Local for Your Moving Companies

No matter how small or large the task at hand, moving can be a stressful endeavor. Locking down which items are making the move, how you plan to package everything together, figuring out the proper time to start your excursion, picking up and changing location… etc, etc… can lead to a lot of hassles and haggles. One excellent way to reduce that stress is to find a knowledgeable and cooperative moving company that may very well be just a few miles down the road. A local moving company can provide extremely helpful assistance in several ways that you may not immediately realize, so check out these ways your local movers can make your relocation more relaxing.

#1 Start from Within

Local companies will oftentimes offer the chance to personally visit your old abode and help formulate a plan for how best to get everything underway. While this does provide a huge logistical advantage, this visit also helps them provide you with a much clearer price quote so you aren’t overpaying for things you don’t need.

After all, why get the tools to move a piano when you don’t even own one?!

#2 The Right Tools for the Job

Speaking of said tools, a good local company knows what works for your particular situation. An example: how will your items react to the weather in your area? After all, temperature swings can cause havoc for products made of wood, while extreme humidity can damage magnetic electrical components. A local company will know the materials needed to help prevent damage from prolonged weather exposure.

#3 Back In A Flash!

You know full well to expect it. Work calls, personal issues…random things that can’t be predicted, but you know they’ll happen.

These can cause headaches in scheduling.  While national carriers may have satellite offices, corporate semantics may cause them to be slow in responding to your requests or questions. A local moving business will specialize in your area and not have to answer to somebody hundreds of miles away.  This allows for faster response and easier scheduling.

Also, what are the odds that you know someone who knows someone who knows the people helping you move? Local companies will not just be staffed with likely acquaintances, but also be more easily researched to know which team will be worth your coin.

#4 Navigate the City’s Unique Quirky Roads

Though we touched on them earlier, moving logistics don’t just include what boxes to use or if a dolly is necessary. Knowing the backroads and other quirks of the city can save you just as much time, stress, and money. It’s not just about always taking right turns and local companies will know the tricks to make your move more efficient.

A local moving company can be the perfect compliment to your moving methods. Partnering with a friendly, intelligent staff that knows the lay of the land can lead to a lot less stress. If you’re ready to move alongside a good group of local lifters, throw a line to the Good Guys Moving and Delivery team so you can get moving in the right direction.