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Good Guy of the Month: Stevie Varela

Good Guy of the Month Stevie Varela Good Guy of the Month: Stevie Varela

Our first Good Guy of the Month for 2022 has been described as “a five-star recruit” and a “one-in-a-million worker”. But, if not for one company’s poor judgement, he may not be playing the pivotal role he is today.

Good Guy of the Month: Stevie Varela
Stevie Varela enters a customer’s home during a move.

Stevie Varela’s journey to Good Guys started a couple of years ago when he left his childhood home in Central Illinois to migrate to the Scenic City.

At first, he found work at a national moving company in town. But, as Stevie puts it, the company didn’t live up to his expectations for an employer:

“I left that company because I felt like I was being taken advantage of. Then, I heard Good Guys treated their employees better.”

It didn’t take long for our leadership to take notice of Stevie’s incredible attitude and work ethic.

“He’s driven, dependable, and never complains. He always does what is needed,” said Operations Manager Ricky Saenz.

Varela exhibits those traits each day, which may be the reason he has an impeccable damage record.

“Stevie is compassionate towards customers and he’s never had a damage on a move,” said Sales Manager Edie Saenz.

Good Guy of the Month: Stevie Varela
Stevie Varela carefully removes an antique lamp during a move.

Stevie has already has his fair share of memorable moves, traveling to places like New York, Washington, D.C., Ohio, and the Carolinas.

However, his most memorable move took place in Nashville:

“We did a move for a photographer who took pictures of Ronald Reagan and George Strait. He even had one of Strait’s gold records!”

His favorite part about donning the blue and black is the family atmosphere:

“Ricky [Saenz] and the company take care of us and really look out for guys and our best interests. It’s just like working with a family.”

When he’s not lifting heavy furniture, Stevie enjoys to play basketball and video games.

We would like to thank Stevie for his hard work and time. We truly appreciate everything you do for Good Guys Moving & Delivery!