How to Hire a Reliable Moving Company

How to Hire a Reliable Moving Company

When it’s time to move to a new home, there are a ton of logistics that demand your attention.  More often than not, it starts with getting enough help to tackle the tasks at hand.  A trustworthy, diligent moving crew can mean all the difference between an effortless ease into a new place or a stressful switch.  

What constitutes a good moving company, though?  While the Better Business Bureau is always a good starting point, there are certain factors you’ll want to pay attention to.

Dot the ‘I’s, Cross the ‘T’s

Every moving situation is different, so pay attention to if a company has proper certifications and licenses for your particular move.  

As an example, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulates moving companies that transport your possessions from one state to another, so request your prospective company’s FMCSA license and United States Department of Transportation number as a way of researching your prospective movers.

Be Pedantic!

Whether it concerns the logistics of whether or not a moving company subcontracts some of the work or suspiciously large initial charges, there are a lot of things that can lead to a move turning into a horror story.  

Remember that there is no such thing as a bad question, so if you’re curious as to how they pack dinner plates or why certain things were mentioned in an online review, always ask around!  This is one advantage of focusing on a local moving company, as it’s always a good idea to inquire about references or estimates in person.  

That moving company that recently changed names or is asking you to pay a 25% deposit?  Be wary.  The local movers who have been in business for a while and are listed with the aforementioned Better Business Bureau?  A very good start.

Have a Plan ‘B’…and ‘C’…and ‘D’…

Personal references and online reviews can help you know if a company is reputable, but there will always be unforeseen circumstances.  This is why it’s always important to make sure the company you are partnering with offers insurance on your valuables.  Furthermore, always compare services and estimates from several companies.  

Give yourself plenty of time to weigh the pros and cons of every reputable company you come across so that you find the best fit for your situation.

Fortunately, there are tons of ways to research and evaluate your prospective traveling teammates, but it’s always a great idea to interact personally with a friendly representative.  

If it’s a reliable company of hard-working workers you’re looking for, contact Good Guys Moving and Delivery to get started making your move much less demanding.