How to Move into a New House on a Budget

The thought of moving holds so much promise, but it can soon be edged out by feelings of dread, anticipated exhaustion, and sometimes fear. As much fun as House Hunters looks on HGTV, we all know the reality of moving. Boxes, boxes, and more boxes. Tons of fast food and takeout as you feverishly work to clean, pack, load, lift, unpack, straighten, and clean some more. Address changes, paperwork, and a new budget.

Phew…sounds tiring and you haven’t even started. While there is light at the end of tunnel, and maybe some new furniture, there are several ways to keep your moving experience more positive and budget friendly. We can’t guarantee a completely stress-free event, but these ideas will keep you sane and your finances on track, allowing you to enjoy your new home that much more.

1. Many things in life aren’t free, but most estimates are!
If you are wary of tackling the moving thing on your own or you don’t have the time and commitment available to pack, load, and transport your entire life in a box, take advantage of a quality moving service. Don’t just settle for any service. Your grandmother’s china can’t be replaced, but you don’t have to suffer quality for cost. Do some research; get referrals. Call for an estimate of your needs. Most estimates are at no cost, and you want someone to come and physically see what their company will need in order to move you safely and efficiently. Compare your estimates and decide which one is best.

2. Reduce, reuse, recycle.
If you have kids, you may be familiar with good old Bob the Builder and his promotion for creating a clean, green environment with thrifty building plans. However, it isn’t just Bob (or the EPA) who can save money from this little initiative using the power of the three R’s. Reduce the amount of items you need to move by only taking what you will need. If you are moving from New York to Texas, you might not need the snow blower sitting in the garage. You can get to the recycle part by taking it to the goodwill or other resale agencies. You save moving expense money, but you can also get a tax deduction. Win-Win! Reuse plastic totes and discarded boxes from local businesses to save money on packing supplies.

3. Profit from your loss.
If you are paying a moving company, save money by only moving what will fit into your new home. So many times people “guesstimate” the size of their new rooms and misjudge just how much will fit. Don’t make the mistake of paying twice to move your furniture. Create a layout of your new place, and sell any furniture that will not fit or you feel will be out of place. Craigslist, Facebook sites, and yard sales are just a few ways to sell your items. It saves on moving costs, and you could also use the profit to purchase that comfy patio set for your new back porch.

4. Bribe your friends.
Okay, so this one doesn’t sound legit, but let’s explain. If you have decided against a moving company or you just really need to save some money and do the packing yourself, throw a pizza party and invite your friends over. Good friends ALWAYS come for food, but convince them to pack a box or two before it’s time to eat. The money you save paying the mover to pack will help fund the pizza, but the memories you will make with your friends and the stress it will relieve is priceless! You might not be comfortable letting your friend handle your travel mug collection or that putter set he always mentions, but having help packing books, clothes, tools, and the like will save some serious cash when you are looking to move.

Moving into a new home doesn’t have to be a nightmare nor does it need to break the bank. If you aren’t afraid of a little sweat equity with your moving plans, DIY’ing some packing, cleaning, and downsizing will reap huge benefits with your budget. Making some phone calls and doing your research will point you in the right direction of a moving company that exceeds your expectations and helps provide those HGTV moving experiences where it’s nothing but smiles and excitement. The house hunt, though, is still up to you!