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Macon’s Moving Trends: Insights from Good Guys Moving

Macons Moving Trends Macon's Moving Trends: Insights from Good Guys Moving

Moving to Macon is a great idea, since it can offer you exceptional business opportunities, along with access to outdoor adventures. Macon is an amazing city for those that want to step away from those large cities, while still having great career opportunities. Plus, the fact that you are close to many outdoor locations is what sets Macon apart from many other locations. If you’re interested about the latest moving trends in Macon, Georgia, our team at Good Guys Moving is here to help!

Most movers remain in the same state

According to a survey, it seems that 80% of the movers tend to stay within the same state. Only 20% of the surveyed people say that they want to move to a different state. Usually, if you move to Georgia, you tend to stay within the state, because there are so many great opportunities, and living costs are usually lower. 

That’s why it makes sense for a lot of people to stick within the same state, and just switch cities more often than not. Of course, career changes also tend to influence people and their decision to move as well.

The average cost of a short distance move is around $1400

Since a lot of people tend to stay within Georgia but decide to move to a new place, most people stick with a short distance move. And in this case, a short distance move costs around $1400 on average. This depends on where you want to move, what you need to bring with you and other relevant factors.

Moving costs are 9% higher

In the past few years, the moving costs have increased with around 9%, and the trend continues for 2024. Living costs in general have increased after the pandemic, and that situation also affects moving costs as well. 

That’s because labor prices, gas, truck costs are all going up, so moving costs in Macon are maintaining the same trajectory. However, you can still find a great deal from companies like Good Guys Moving. All you have to do is to ask for a quote beforehand and ensure that you find the right moving partner.

More and more people are moving to the South

According to data from 2022, over 700000 people decided to move to southern states, including Georgia, Texas or Florida. People find many of these states to deliver exceptional opportunities, not to mention housing and living costs are lower. Even if real estate prices in Macon have seen an increase recently due to the large number of people moving in, there’s no denying that moving here is a great idea and it comes with great benefits as well.

More focus on outdoor experiences

Macon, Georgia is an excellent location for those that want outdoor experiences, but also a great job. That’s why more and more people decide to move to Macon, because it delivers stunning ways for you to balance life and work. Most of the time, life in big cities tends to be very stressful. With Macon, you get to blur the line and not worry about any challenges or major issues. 

Macon GA Outdoor Macon's Moving Trends: Insights from Good Guys Moving

Having the freedom to work remotely

Not only does Macon offer you the opportunity to visit the great outdoors, but you can also work remotely here too. That means you don’t always have to go to a physical business to work, some companies in Macon offer remote work benefits. That alone, combined with direct access to a stunning outdoor space and plenty of work opportunities showcase the true value of Macon. It’s why a lot of people want to move to Macon, along with financial benefits as well!

More focus on technology

Moving companies in Macon and Georgia in general tend to focus a lot more on tech when compared to a few years ago. Integrating the latest technologies and using them to streamline the moving process has become very popular. That’s why one of the major Macon moving trends is to use technology for automating many moving-related processes. And it works extremely well, while also saving a significant amount of time as well.

Customers opt more for local moving companies

While there are still large, nationwide moving companies, customers tend to focus more on local movers. Not only do they know the area better, but they also tend to have better prices. And on top of that, customer service and the overall experience is better. That’s why it’s normal to see the use of local movers as one of the top Macon moving trends in 2024 and beyond.

Speaking of that, another trend is that customers looking for moving services tend to not pack as much themselves. Instead, full moving services that also include packaging have become a normal solution for customers in Macon. Not only does it provide more convenience, but it can help save a significant amount of effort and time too!

Most movers are individual families

One of the things we noticed as a moving company is that there’s an increase in multiple families trying to move together at once in order to lower costs. However, most customers are still independent, individual families, at least when it comes to Macon, Georgia. Yet things are slowly changing, something we have to take into account here.

Macon GA Family Macon's Moving Trends: Insights from Good Guys Moving

14.4% of people relocate to a better, bigger home

Not everyone chooses to go for a home that has the same size. According to statistics, one of the Macon moving trends is to opt for a bigger, better home. However, there are people that want to downsize, and they are specifically moving from a smaller town to a larger one. And they are willing to lose some of the living space for better opportunities. 

73% of moved items are household goods

One of the things we need to consider when it comes to moving is what kind of stuff gets moved in the first place. For a lot of people, that entails household goods. Things like supplies, furniture, decorations and other household items make up for around 73% of moved items. That being said, there are other categories that are also very popular too, including commercial equipment, electronics and computers as well.


Knowing the Macon moving trends is a great idea, because it allows you to better understand the industry and how it changes. Plus, you always want to work closely with a Macon moving company like Good Guys Moving, since you have access to local knowledge and great prices. On top of that, moving trends tend to change often, but with a reliable company, you are always getting a very good value for money.

One thing is certain, working with the best moving company in Macon will always help streamline your experience. The last thing you want is to encounter any issues while moving, so learning the latest trends and also performing your due diligence is very important. Once you find the best moving company in Macon, Georgia, you won’t have a problem optimizing and managing all the other details. Plus, you get to save time, while fully customizing and adjusting the experience to fit your needs. Always make sure that you check the Macon moving trends and talk with Good Guys Moving if you need reliable, comprehensive moving services!