Make Moving Day a Breeze With This Simple Moving Timeline

Are you moving soon and don’t know where to start? Lucky for you, we have created an easy-moving timeline to follow so you don’t forget anything before your big day!

Two months before you move

  • Make sure to get organized. Buy a notebook for any ideas and to-do lists and get a folder where you can store all your important documents.
  • Call your movers once you have signed the lease for your new place. Contacting different moving companies as soon as possible will ensure you will find one that can help you out on the exact day you prefer.
  • Check your freezer and fridge and start using up the food you already have. The less food you have to move, the better. This also goes for all those half-filled bottles of cleaning supplies!

Six weeks before you move

  • Start to go through all of your possessions and determine what you want to keep.. If it is nice outside, consider having a garage sale to build up some extra funds for decor for your new place!
  • Submit a change of address to the post office and DMV. If you do not do this before 14 days of moving, your mail may end up in the wrong hands, compromising your personal information. This gives you plenty of time.
  • Consider checking with the IRS to see if any moving expenses are tax deductible.

One month before you move

  • If you have any large items to be stored before you move, call up your moving services to see if they have any storage facilities you can use.
  • Start packing your non-essentials. This includes clothing, furniture, and decor items.
  • Talk with your utility and Internet providers to close out your services or to transfer your plan to a new location.

Two weeks before the move

  • Gather all of your valuables together and store at a family member’s home for safekeeping during the move.
  • Call your local movers and confirm your moving date.
  • Start cleaning your entire home from top to bottom.
  • Sort your packing by their intended room. Clearly label where they are to go on every side of the box to not confuse your movers and to make the job a bit easier on yourself.

With this timeline in mind, your moving day will go by without a hitch. Just call our offices today to get started!