Moving On Out? Call a Moving Company for Help

Moving often seems to be one of those necessary evils. You’re so excited for the next place, but clearing out the old place — packing, cleaning, all the heavy lifting — is not something many people face with enthusiasm. Luckily, moving companies are on hand to make that part of the process a little easier. We handle everything from helping you pack, unpack, move the items, manage the move, remove junk, and deliver single items such as a large or delicate item like a piano. With the right moving services, you can trust that everything will be handled with efficient care, leaving you to the other logistics of moving, such as changing your voter registration, adding a forwarding address, and changing out utilities.

On the Move

Almost a quarter of adults in the United States say that they’ve moved domestically in the last five years. Over 60% of people have moved to a new location at least one time in their lives; college is usually a reason for at least one move. Over 75% of college graduates have moved locations at least one time, compared to just over 55% of those with a high school diploma. College graduates also tend to have lived in a few different states during their lives. They may head to big urban centers or another state for graduate studies.

Renters tend to also be on the move, with over 30% of renters moving annually. Many people move due to housing issues — between 2012 and 2013, almost half of those who moved said they did so due to housing issues. Others may move to find a better community, for a job, or for a loved one. Just under 25% of adults say that the place they consider home in their heart isn’t where they’re currently located.

How Can Moving Companies Help?

Movers can help diminish some of the stress of moving. As long as you have things pretty well-organized and have specific instructions, they can help pack what needs to go. You’ll also save yourself from potential injury by letting professionals do the heavy lifting (and, let’s be honest, they’re probably stronger too). For furniture or bulky items, it can be much simpler to let someone with plenty of experience moving things out oddly-sized doorways or down steep steps handle it.

When moving, you may also have a good amount of debris left behind: remnants from any last minute touch-ups, packing tape, unused boxes, or the leftovers from cleaning out your closets, drawers, and other storage areas. Hiring a moving company who can assist with junk removal can be a godsend, instead of trying to figure out what to do with it yourself.

What Else Should I Know About Moving?

You should definitely notify your service providers for Internet, gas, electricity, etc., and let them know that you’re moving. Provide an exit date when you would like those services to be turned off, so you’re not paying for it. If the providers are the same in your new area (if you’re moving intra-county, for example), they may ask you if you want to provide a start date for service2 to be turned out at your new place and your new contact information.

Submit a change of address once you know you’re moving and a start date. Without a change of address form filled out, important mail might not get to you. If it’s sensitive mail, the next person to live there might receive it and have access to information they shouldn’t.

If you rent, make sure you’ve checked off all the appropriate moving procedures to avoid getting more money taken out of your security deposit.

With the help of local movers at good moving companies, the process doesn’t have to be as nightmarish as you think. Call us up today and let us know how we can help you simplify your moving process.