Moving to Macon? Top Things You Need to Know

So you are moving to Macon, GA? Congratulations! Have you done all your “homework” about this new city? If you are moving because of work opportunities, or if you are just looking for a change, here are some things to know about Macon that would be very useful.

Macon, GA is a fairly small sized city, having a population of just under 100,000 people – this is less people than in Chattanooga, TN. With a city this size, you’ll need to know where all the “adventures” are, as well as important basic information for your move:

Outdoor adventures – Whether it’s hiking, camping, canoeing, or other things, you will be able to find whatever your heart is desiring in Macon or just a short drive to another town. There is Arrowhead Park for mountain biking or Indian Springs for hiking and camping, just to name a few.

Tourism – You will have no lack of museums or historical sites in Macon. At the Ocmulgee National Monument, you will immersed in the lives of the prehistoric American Indians. There is also The Museum of Arts & Sciences, as well as the Mark Smith Planetarium.

Entertainment – Macon has it all from movies, to ice skating, to circuses, and concerts. From Billy’s Clubhouse for drinks and concerts, to The Grand Opera House for operas, this city has a range of locations to satisfy your thirst for your entertainment choice.

Transportation – Flying out for vacation or business travel? The Atlanta Airport is only 83 miles from Macon. However, we all know how stressful airport traffic can be, so by using Groome Transportation, you can kick your feet back and let them get you to the airport on time. If you want to travel within Macon but would rather not spend the gas money, why not using MTA (Macon Transit Authority). MTA are minimally priced public buses. If you miss a bus, don’t worry, there will be another one every 5 minutes. You can even load your bicycle to the front of the bus if you ride your bike too! If you are wanting more convenience, you can use Uber or Lyft as another option.

Utilities – One of those important questions people have when they move is “who do we use” for cable, trash, water, electric, etc.? The Macon Water Authority does provide a list of providers to use, as well as links to other resources in Macon, GA ( This way you won’t be “scrambling” trying to figure things out for yourself.

Macon, Georgia is a smaller town but it is still packed with lots of things to do. It is a very friendly city that has not become overgrown to lose its small city charm. If you are thinking about moving, check out Macon, GA; if you already decided to move to Macon, visit to see all that this city will offer you.