Moving with Kids – How to Keep Everyone Happy During the Move

Moving into a new home can make you wish that Mary Poppins was a real person. Or that you could kidnap Cinderella with her housekeeping staff of mice and birds. Having someone to whisk away those pesky Legos laying around the house and the stale cheese puffs hidden between the couch cushions is every parent’s dream.

But let’s face it, the house isn’t going to clean itself nor will those kids raise themselves.  Well, let me share some pointers on how to keep everyone happy on the big day.

Getting Ready to Move

Moving is a process, and your kids should be a part of it.

Set aside a specific time and create a relaxed atmosphere when you break the big news. Change can bring lots of emotions and questions, so be ready to listen, answer, and be as supportive and patient as needed.

Begin to familiarize your kids with the day-to-day projects of moving. Encourage them to help pack their own belongings. Talk to them about the new memories they will make and the new spaces they will have to enjoy their toys and routines. Keeping the kids involved will help you recognize any anxiety or fear before it escalates.

To help develop a new sense of ownership in your kids, find creative ways to turn their new space into their home.  Let them look at paint colors or wall decals. Take them shopping for a new night-light or bedding set. You can also build their excitement without spending a dime. Take them to a park or on a walk near your new neighborhood. Identify landmarks to watch for on the day of the move.

Be sure to pack a priority box for each child. Some good things to include in their box are:

  • special toys
  • stuffed animals
  • their favorite blanket or pillow
  • routine essentials
  • changes of clothing

Let your child be the Guardian of the Box, giving them a sense of importance and helpfulness on the big day.

On the Moving Day

You might be stressed and working at a frantic pace on the day of the move, but you have to take time to ensure that your child is comfortable and excited.

As your moving team arrives, be sure to introduce your children and allow them to ask any questions they might have. Smaller children can feel threatened by strangers taking away their things, and keeping children involved (in a low profile way) can minimize this fear. Our moving teams don’t just care about the furniture and boxes, they care about the people it all belongs too.

Keeping everyone safe during the move is an important priority.  Don’t let your children play with the moving equipment or on the stacks of boxes. The doors will be open as movers load the trucks, and you don’t want anyone escaping into the street. You can let them help in small ways like delivering bottles of water to the moving team, dusting or sweeping empty rooms, gathering trash or keeping an eye on their priority box.

You also want to make sure you have snacks and entertainment options ready for your children on moving day. It can be a long and exhausting process, and children will need something to do when their little muscles wear out!

Books, activity notebooks, tablets, and other portable items will help occupy kids during the move and the travel time to their new home.  Don’t forget to pack batteries or charging cords in their priority box for any devices they are bringing along.

In Your New Home

The first night in the new home might bring a little anxiety and fear. Having the priority box handy and ready to go will help bring some of the old comforts into their new space.

Chances are good everyone will be exhausted, but take some time to follow any routines or bedtime habits your children are accustomed too. Extra night-lights or some company might be needed as they adapt to new hallways, shadows from their closet, or the expectation of new monsters under the bed.

Unpacking the house can take several days or even weeks, so be sure to take plenty of time-outs and have some family time to celebrate your new location.

  • Find a local hot-spot for ice cream
  • catch a movie
  • explore new parks and playgrounds
  • or window shop at the local mall and introduce your children to their new town.

You can even plan a pizza night where you discuss how to decorate or design their new room or backyard spaces.

Taking your kids around the neighborhood and introducing them to neighbors, the new school bus stop, or other kids in the area will also help your children settle in more easily. Rather than feeling abandoned and lonely in a strange new place, be proactive with your child’s entrance into their new world.

If your children are changing schools, arrange for a tour and meeting with their new teacher to introduce the new surroundings without pressure.

Call our Good Guys

I’m not a child psychology expert, I’m just sharing my experience as a parent myself and what I’ve seen as we move families.  If your child has special needs, or you are worried for their mental health during a move, always consult an expert.

We are expert movers though.  With our expertise helping you with the packing, heavy lifting, and unloading, you will be free to focus on the needs of your children during the moving process. Our professional team will handle the details of moving giving you an opportunity to spend time preparing your family for the big day.

Contact us today to get a quote from the Good Guys!

If you are still struggling to get ready for moving day, be sure to check out this article with tons of tips – like packing breakables, moving with pets, and a lot more!