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The Most Common DIY Moving Fails

We encounter a fair amount of odd things during our moves, including several failed DIY attempts at moving particular items.

A DIY move can be tough — and without the proper equipment and technique, it can cost you physical, mental, and monetary pain.

Here’s a list of the 10 most common fails we see while out on the job:


Navigating couches and other large items through staircases, hallways, and doors without causing dings, drops, or scrapes is tough. Our movers are trained to use protective equipment such as door jamb protectors, floor runners, and moving blankets. However, some folks may not have access to that equipment. Lifting technique also makes a monumental difference.


No one wants to have to make repairs to their new home. But, often times human error will cause items to scrape up against walls. Scraped walls are one of the most common DIY moving fails out there. Save a trip to the paint store and consider hiring moving experts.


We’ve all seen this scenario played out on television: a large, bulky item won’t fit through a door frame. Instead of implementing lifting techniques or deconstructing the item, some DIY movers attempt to shove their belongings through a door. That can causes significant damage to the door frame, which could cost you a pretty penny!


If you load boxes properly, then you’ll have no trouble moving items from Point A to Point B. Sadly, that’s not always the case. We frequently deal with people who overpack their boxes, which is likely to cause them to implode. You can avoid damages by following our Guide to Packing Boxes.


Before relocating delicate objects or furniture, our crews cover them with moving blankets, packing paper, shrink wrap, and/or boxes. This is especially true for fragile products such as glassware, china, and paintings. Even if those objects make it to the vehicle unscathed, it’s possible for them to be damaged when you’re on the road.


Most vehicles are not designed for moving a person from home to home. We are often dumfounded by the resolve of some DIY movers. Unfortunately, even if you are able to cram your belongings into a single vehicle, there’s no guarantee that the load is going to stay put throughout the drive.


This moving fail has nothing to do with lifting furniture. Every once in a while, the sale of a home will fall through or the closing date will change. That can throw a serious wrench in the works. Fortunately, we offer flexibility for customers who have booked with us.