The Most Popular Home Styles in America


Searching for the perfect home is a daunting task. But when it comes to architecture, the majority of Americans prefer one of seven time-tested styles. So what are those styles? And how can you tell the difference? Keep reading to learn more about the most popular home styles in the U-S-A!


You can find these one-story homes in neighborhoods across the United States. Ranch-style homes have a low-to-the-ground look and often have open floor plans. In some parts of the country, ranch-style homes are referred to as “ramblers”.


You’ve probably spotted several new developments featuring Craftsman homes. These houses are a staple in the American suburbs.  Craftsman homes typically have covered porches and columns to support the roof. The interiors often feature thick trim and beams on the ceiling.


These homes are common in larger cities with a high population density. Townhouses are usually several stories tall and most often made with brick. Townhouses have spacious layouts for folks who want to live near the action and have an abundance of room for their belongings.


Contemporary homes are gaining popularity in the United States, but still carry an expensive price tag. These homes grab attention with their flat roofs, large number of windows, and stacked appearance.


Not to be confused with contemporary homes, Modern style was popularized from the 1920’s through the 1950’s. Modern homes are minimalist in nature and showcase asymmetrical exteriors. Most of these homes feature neutral color schemes and minimal amounts of molding and trim. Much like contemporary homes, Modern style employs flat roofs.


Colonial homes can be identified by their old world charm. These brick houses are often symmetrical with large, ornate windows. It’s also common for builders to place a mix of brick and vinyl siding on these houses. Colonial designs are simple, elegant, and a crowd favorite in the United States.


Smaller than most of the styles on this list, Cape Cod homes are friendly, wooden cottages. Cape Cod homes are symmetrical in design and feature a chimney in the middle of the roof. These houses first appeared in England and were later built by Puritans as they settled America.