The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Moving

There are moments where our ingenuity is put to the test. As I began this article, I felt a sense of writer’s block. It seemed like a relatively simple task: inform you fine people on tricks to make moving things easier. Yet…nothing.

So I decided to make a pot of coffee. Only…there were no filters. Desperate for some caffeine, I looked to my paper towels, folded a few together, and placed it in lieu of the filter. A few moments later, I was enjoying some ingenious joe and inspired with ideas to share with you.

While I’m no MacGyver, I do consider myself the type of person that loves a good trick or hack to make life’s situations a slight bit easier.  One of the best situations to utilize these moments of mental mastery is when you’ve got to pick up roots and move to a new home.  

You are literally uprooting your life, packing it away, and moving it to a new place where everything is different to find it a new home.

If you’re getting ready for a move, then I have some tricks to help make it easier on you…

It’s All in the Prep

Most people have some level of organizational ability and this is a prime opportunity to flex those mercurial muscles.  

Every moving job presents its own unique set of challenges, but all of them can be easily compartmentalized and planned for by simply making a list ahead of time.  

  1. You can make a numbered list of each box and what contents are inside it as you pack
  2. Then put a number on each box as you pack it
  3. And be specific on the contents of the box… for example, “children’s books” is better than just “books”

You can also make other lists that will help you stay on track.

  • List the places that you need to update your address with
  • Create a moving shopping list and put any additional items that you need on it
  • Plan ahead for how meals, work, and school schedules will be impacted by your move

Figuring out what needs to be done and jotting it down can help make for an easier time once everyone’s doing everything and confusion’s setting in.

How to cheat:  Timing out your responsibilities can literally help you turn your list into a cheat sheet.  What originally looked like a mad dash of tasks becomes a much more easily tackled schedule, ensuring that fewer unexpected surprises pop up as you move.

If making a list is a little too structured for you, you can always write more on the boxes – just be aware that this will make it trickier to reuse the boxes if you’re planning on taking a load, unpacking, and then loading back up.

Respect Old & New School Technologies

As with many things, the internet has given people a huge swath of tips and tricks to utilize in many situations.  Moving, however, allows you to mix more low-tech tricks with the modern era apps to make the prep and packing far more manageable.

The online hacks:  

Numerous sites provide some form of reference sheet for how to fit certain objects in certain size packages, as well as what tools you’ll likely need.  
This cool one from Updater literally tells you what fits in each box and how much tape you need!

  • Apps such as Pinterest allow you to see what millions of other people in similar situations have done — and just how well that worked for them.  
  • A cursory search can even help you figure out how to more efficiently pack makeup and smaller items.  You’ll learn things like:
    • threading necklaces through straws to keep them from getting tangled
    • putting screws in plastic bags and taping them to the furniture they go with so it’s easy to reassemble things.
    • And more!

The offline tricks:  

  • While boxes provide structural integrity alongside storage, sometimes you need a more malleable manager of goods.  Those reusable grocery bags you have lying around?  Perfect for plates and similar kitchen objects.  
  • The plastic bags you usually grab?  Fill them up with other bags to make excellent padding, while using larger bags to hold several softer items.

Every move provides its own set of challenges, but if you’re still hung up on housing hangers or annoyed at all the appliances you’ve got to move, contact Good Guy Moving & Delivery to learn even more tricks of the trade.