What’s the Move? Top Destinations for Moves in America

As a nation, our demand for new homes is greater than ever.

One could blame the housing market, lack of developers, or inflation — but one thing remains the same — Americans want to move!

With that in mind, we wanted to see where Americans are migrating.

A detailed study from Bloomberg suggests southern cities are luring people in at a rapid rate.

According to their most recent ranking, these are the cities that saw the largest population boost in 2020:

  1. Austin, Texas
  2. Phoenix, Arizona
  3. Nashville, Tennessee
  4. Tampa, Florida
  5. Jacksonville, Florida
  6. Charlotte, North Carolina
  7. Dallas, Texas
  8. Denver, Colorado
  9. Charleston, South Carolina
  10. Seattle, Washington

Did you notice that seven of the top ten cities are in the South?

There are a lot of perks to living in God’s country. After all, the cost of living is low, the weather is ideal, the natural landscapes are breathtaking, and the cuisine is unparalleled.

Austin is no surprise at the top of Bloomberg’s list. Americans have been entering the Lone Star State in droves since the early 2010’s.

Phoenix may be the most shocking city on the list, purely because of its high ranking. As you probably know, Phoenix is in the middle of a desert and the cost of living is high across the board.

Nashville is slowing crawling its way to the top. The Music City has been trending upward since the turn of the century.

It’s no secret that Florida is America’s retirement home, so it makes sense to see Tampa and Jacksonville at three and four, respectively.

Which cities surprised you?

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