Where Are People Moving During The Pandemic?

The emergence of COVID-19 has changed the American way of life for the time being. But, we’ve made key adjustments to keep our nation’s wheels turning.

Coronavirus is not stopping folks from finding new places to live and a new study points to the most popular destinations across the United States.

HireAHelper claims that states like Idaho, Vermont, and Maine are seeing the largest rise in new residents.

Typically, studies show big states likes Texas and California have the most inbound moves.

However, HireAHelper’s Migration Report takes outbound moves into account, which gives us a clearer picture of the rate at which people are moving to particular states.

When that rate is calculated, we see that the largest states are actually losing residents.

The view from a river gorge in Idaho.

  • Idaho (+102%)
  • Vermont (+61%)
  • Maine (+47%)
  • Delaware (+26%)
  • South Carolina (+25%)
  • New Hampshire (+12%)
  • New Mexico (+11%)
  • North Carolina (+10%)
  • Tennessee (+10%)
  • Iowa (+10%)

Who ever thought Idaho would top this list? According to this study, twice as many people moved into the Gem State than left in 2020. That is significantly higher than any other state in the union!

The sun sets over Los Angeles, California.

  • California (-51%)
  • New York (-50%)
  • New Jersey (-48%)
  • Illinois (-39%)
  • Connecticut (-35%)
  • Nebraska (-33%)
  • Washington, D.C. (-33%)
  • Minnesota (-32%)
  • Kansas (-25%)
  • Louisiana (-25%)

Turns out, California and New York had a much lower number of inbound movers than outbound moves. That makes sense when you consider the breadth of the pandemic and how folks may prefer to live in areas with a lower population and risk for contraction.

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