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Chattanooga’s Best Neighborhoods for Families: A Mover’s Perspective

Best NEighborhoods for Families Chattanooga's Best Neighborhoods for Families: A Mover's Perspective

Chattanooga is a great place to move in as a family. You have access to some of the top schools in the region, an amazing vista, and there are tons of opportunities to visit the great outdoors. That does make you wonder though, which is the best neighborhood for families in Chattanooga? Our team at Good Guys Moving is here to help you narrow down the best Chattanooga neighborhoods right away!


One of the greatest things about Northshore is the fact that you get access to lots of great restaurants, very good schools, not to mention you are close to many outdoor locations as well. Northshore is a great place for young families and professionals, but also for millennials. 

You’re close to the middle of the city, but also close enough to nature, so it’s the best of both worlds. In addition, there are 2 parks here, the Renaissance park and the Coolidge park. It’s possible to rent some bikes here and explore the region, maybe even go downtown if you want. Our team at Good Guys Moving recommends Northshore if you want a more peaceful and affordable neighborhood in Chattanooga.


If you want to move to Chattanooga, then one of the better neighborhoods for families is definitely the Downtown district. It has a great combination of great schools, lots of job opportunities, but also nightlight and some of the top attractions in the city. However, the thing to note here is that rent/purchasing properties is more expensive when compared to Northshore or other neighborhoods. 

However, it’s a premium neighborhood and definitely one of the best if you want lots of great options.  In many cases, you can find resort-style amenities, access to a really cool set of lifestyle features and many others. All in all, we think that Downtown Chattanooga has lots of stuff to offer, and you should definitely check it out.

Downtown Chattanooga Chattanooga's Best Neighborhoods for Families: A Mover's Perspective

St Elmo

If you’re looking for a great neighborhood for families in Chattanooga, St Elmo is maybe one of the best options. It’s a historical district, and it was formed at the crossroads of old Indian trails. However, despite its rich history, it’s also very close to Downtown Chattanooga, not to mention you can find lots of restaurants and local businesses here.

It’s a great place for families, but here you can also find lots of active adults and retirees as well. The fact that you have quick, immediate access to hiking and outdoor recreation is what sets St Elmo apart from many other options. One thing to note about the cost of living here is that general prices are quite affordable. Housing prices are a bit higher when compared to other neighborhoods. Yet, for the most part, St Elmo delivers an exceptional value for money. The fact that you can also ride the Incline Railway is the cherry on the top for many who want to live in this region.


When it comes to great neighborhoods for younger families, Southside is the first one that comes to mind for us. You can find pretty much anything you want, from affordable housing to some really nice parks and restaurants, along with art establishments and entertainment. It’s a very distinctive and unique neighborhood, one where you will mostly encounter a younger population.

It’s also one of those neighborhoods that focuses a lot on diversity, and it’s unique, certainly different to many other ones in Chattanooga. With that being said, here you can also find the Battle Academy, which is an exceptional elementary school. The numerous job opportunities, combined with an outstanding focus on having a vibrant, exciting life is what sets Southside Chattanooga apart. 

Our team at Good Guys Moving suggest Southside Chattanooga to any young family that wants to still embrace a great lifestyle, while also accessing some great educational opportunities for their child. There are still lots of music venue and lifestyle opportunities too, which help deliver a great blend of two different worlds. 


Belvoir is another top option if you want a unique Chattanooga neighborhood for families. In this case, what you will like are the stunning homes, but also the great history of this region. In addition, it’s one of the neighborhoods where you have pretty much anything you need within walking distance. There aren’t as many shops or restaurants when compared to other neighborhoods. But you always have options, and that alone is great to consider here.

We believe that the main strength for Chattanooga’s Belvoir neighborhood has to be its affordability. Many of these homes are older, so they are less expensive, and rental prices in particular are some of the best in Chattanooga. Plus, you have access to the historic observatory and many local amenities. It’s not the ultimate option for families, but the affordability certainly makes it stand out.


We also recommend Avondale since it’s one of the smallest and quietest neighborhoods. It’s a neighborhood recommended for those first time buyers, but also families and millennials. Its affordability is what sets it apart from the other option. Moreover, there are some great businesses here, which means you don’t have to travel half the town to get to your workplace. Since it’s more of an up and coming neighborhood, it’s ideal for those that want a more inexpensive place to live with their family. And it’s well worth the money!

Avondale TN Chattanooga's Best Neighborhoods for Families: A Mover's Perspective

Signal Mountain

Signal Mountain has many things going for it when it comes to finding a neighborhood for families in Chattanooga. It’s around 10 miles away from Downtown, and it has a lot of stores, cafes, restaurants, shops and even a country club and a golf course. You’re very close to nature, but also close to the city, which brings the best of both worlds. It’s very rare to have these two benefits combined, and that’s why Signal Mountain is one of those top locations everyone should check out


Hixson is a great option for those families that have a more fast paced life. It’s great for a combination of suburban and urban living. On top of that, you have shopping opportunities, direct access to the mall and some rather luxurious homes. Granted, prices here are higher when compared to other neighborhoods, but Hixson is definitely a stellar option for younger families


Riverview is known for being a safe neighborhood, which makes it ideal for families. Moreover, home prices are pretty good, although you can find expensive options too. Some of the top schools in Chattanooga, like the Chattanooga School for Arts and Sciences can be found within this neighborhood. With that in mind, you have access to homes with swimming pools, historic properties, but also houses with large landscape areas. 


Finding the best Chattanooga neighborhood for families can be very difficult, since there are so many options. However, we feel that all these neighborhoods are incredible and well worth taking into consideration. It always comes down to your budget and preferences. One thing is certain, if you want to move to any of these Chattanooga neighborhoods, Good Guys Moving is always here to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us right now for a quote and more information!