Moving From Nashville To Dallas: What You Need To Know
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Moving From Nashville to Dallas

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If you plan on moving from Nashville to Dallas, you should be aware of the differences between the two cities and what makes Dallas unique. If you don’t do your homework and learn about Dallas, the 600-mile journey can be difficult in terms of more than just logistics!

Here is a guide on some of the basics you need to know before moving to Dallas from Nashville:

  • First of all, you’ll be moving to a much bigger town: Dallas is the third-largest city in Texas and has a population of approximately 1.2 million people. Nashville is much smaller, with a population of just under 700,000.
  • Founded in 1841, Dallas is a quintessentially Texan town that became popular as a center of the oil and cotton industries. It was a crossroads for many railway lines.
  • These days, Dallas is still a thriving economy — but its primary industries are healthcare, energy, commerce, banking, defense and technology.

What’s the Weather Like When Moving from Nashville to Dallas?

Nashville and Dallas have much the same climate. However, Dallas is slightly warmer than Nashville annually. Additionally, Nashville has more rainy days than Dallas per year.

In Dallas, winters are quite mild, and you will experience little snow. The annual average of snow is just 1.5 inches. The lows are typically in the high 30s, and summer is hot and humid. The average highs range between the mid-90s and 100s. The average annual rainfall in Dallas is 37.5 inches.

What Are the Schools Like in Dallas?

Education plays a huge role in Dallas, which is an education hub in the south-central region. Each year, the city fills with visitors from across the country as well as people journeying from abroad. Many travel to Dallas to study at the universities and colleges in the city. The Dallas Independent School District is the largest public school system in the country. There are also a number of private schools in the Dallas area.

Most Desirable Neighborhoods and Suburbs

Many newbies in the city opt to live within the city limits itself since it is cheap and there are several restaurants and entertainment options. However, the city also has a number of suburbs that are attractive to young families.

Addison is 10 miles north of Dallas and is home to many professionals and young families. The town is known for its culture and proximity to Dallas. The median age in the town is 32.5 years. There are many high-end restaurants in the town.

Frisco is another good neighborhood with family-friendly activities. There are also numerous corporations in Frisco, making it a business hub. The growth rate is at 305% for the past 15 years.

Farmers Branch is also a good option since it is close to Dallas. The median age is 36.8 years. The town is not only affordable, but it is also small.

Fun Things to Do in Dallas

Dallas is a well-rounded city with plenty of cultural attractions and activities. As home of the largest arts district in the country, Dallas has many museums including the Dallas Museum of Art. Dallas also features exciting nightlife, honkytonks and the kind of eateries Texas is known for: Big steaks and Tex-Mex are trademarks of Texas cuisine.

Benefits of Professional Moving Services

A move from Nashville to Dallas is a reason to get excited! But before you move, you will need to properly plan and prepare. Because there are so many details and logistics to keep up with — not to mention all the packing and loading — it’s definitely a good idea to hire a professional moving company rather than trying to handle the moving yourself.

Moving companies like Good Guys Moving & Delivery have the expertise required for the job. We know how to pack and load everything from large appliances to your grandmother’s delicate china set for safe and secure transport. Professional movers are more likely to be organized and have a tried and true moving process. That allows us to minimize unpleasant surprises, keep to the schedule and deliver your belongings on time.

Moving companies will always pack your items depending on how fragile they are, and use the right packing materials for all your different possessions. Moreover, professional moving companies maintain insurance policies for your belongings. Throughout the journey, your items are covered in case of damages. Keeping your property safe and getting your belongings to their destination on time are the primary priorities of professional moving companies.

Moving companies can save you time, hassle and energy. Once you are ready to move from Nashville to Dallas, start working with a trusted and dependable dealer. So when you’re ready to make the move from Nashville to Dallas, contact Good Guys Moving and Delivery. Our long-distance movers are ready to learn about your relocation plans and customize a cost-effective moving strategy for you. Contact us for a moving estimate today!

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