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Student Moving Guide for Chattanooga Colleges and Universities

Student Moving Guide Student Moving Guide for Chattanooga Colleges and Universities

Chattanooga is a city known for its incredible location along the Tennessee River, but also the outstanding educational opportunities. Many students move to Chattanooga specifically to attend the local universities and colleges. And there are no shortage of options, either.

From The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga to the Miller-Motte College, Zion College, Richmont Graduate University, or the Chattanooga State Community College, there are lots of great places to study. The question is, how can you move to Chattanooga as a student? What does the process look like? Our team at Good Guys Moving & Delivery is here to assist with comprehensive guidelines, but also exceptional moving services!

Prepare all your necessary documents

Before you move to Chattanooga, it’s important to ensure that all your documents are in order. That means you should find accommodation and sign a contract, ensure you have a bank account, driver’s license, car insurance, student loan documents, discount cards for students, and a national insurance letter. Having a copy or the original documents is important because you might need these documents at some point.

Pack entertainment and electrical items

When you start packing your items, it can be very overwhelming. You don’t know where to start, so it’s a good idea to initiate this process with entertainment/electrical items first. Your laptop and phone should be some of the first things you pack. You will also need to take any electronics you need, including headsets, cable adapters, charging cables, headsets, game consoles, but also speakers, extension leads, any external hard drive you want to use, a hair dryer, and anything similar. 

If you’re going to split the location with others, you can talk with them and see if you/they need to bring a TV, vacuum cleaner, toaster, microwave, kettle, or any other electrical items. Most of the time, electrical items and entertainment stuff are the hardest to pack. That’s why it makes sense to deal with them first.

After that, pack some kitchen supplies

Packing kitchen supplies is a great idea because you will need these in order to prepare your food. Sure, Chattanooga has some amazing local restaurants, but as a student, you can’t afford to eat out every day. Getting some bowls, side plates, glasses, a mug or two, food storage containers, a water bottle, a frying pan, and saucepans will always be a good idea. Knives and cutlery should also be packed, although you can buy some in Chattanooga if you want.

University of Chattanooga, TN. Student Moving Guide for Chattanooga Colleges and Universities

Think about stationery products and soft furnishings

When you move to Chattanooga as a student, it’s important to take with you various stationery items, but also some furnishing products. A mobile laundry basket is always handy, and the same thing is valid when it comes to a mattress protector/topper, an ironing board with iron, a desk light, bedsheets, pillowcases and duvets. 

When it comes to your stationery, you should take folders, post-it notes, writing pads, a stapler with staples, and also a highlighter or two. Depending on your niche and requirements, other stationery products might be required. However, if you can get some cheaply when you reach Chattanooga, it’s ok not to pack some of them.

Add any personal items you might need

Aside from the more general items you can see above, you will also have certain items that you can’t live without. A good rule of thumb is to have a box specifically for those items, and you can take that box with you or mark it as fragile/important if you are using any movers. Every person has their own list of personal items, so make sure that you narrow down those things you really need in Chattanooga. It can be medication, items that bring you luck, etc. 

Always use double-walled boxes

Whenever you move to Chattanooga as a student, it’s imperative to use only the best packing products, if possible. Double-walled boxes are great because they will protect your items, and you don’t have to deal with shipping damage. You will have various products that can easily get damaged while shipping, so having double-walled boxes is a great starting point.

Of course, you can add other protective items to them, like bubble wrap or cardboard, to ensure those items are not moving within the box. The more care and attention you have when it comes to packing items, the better it will be. That’s why it’s extremely important to ensure all your items are handled appropriately and with extra care, but you should always pack everything really well, just in case.

Pack your clothing separately

Ideally, you want to have separate packages for clothing. There can be clothing-specific packages, or you can pack your clothes in a regular box. Again, double-walled boxes can do wonders, and that’s a thing to take into account. Some people also pack toiletries with their clothes because they offer a very niche cushion and can protect toiletries against possible bumps. 

Student packing their clothing. Student Moving Guide for Chattanooga Colleges and Universities

Should you pack first aid products?

The truth is that you’re new to Chattanooga, so you won’t know every location and what to do in case any issue arises. It makes sense to pack some first aid products, just in case. Pain relievers, antiseptic wipes, and band-aids might not seem necessary at first, but they are items that you will need, so it makes sense to have them in there, packed just in case!

Tips to consider when moving to Chattanooga as a student

  • It’s a good idea to hire a moving service. A lot of time is needed to plan your move, ensure everything is managed with ease and there are no items damaged or left at home. 
  • When you prepare for your move, you always want to double-check everything you packed and see if you missed something. Even triple-check when needed. The last thing you want is to leave any item behind, especially if it’s something you really need.
  • A good idea is to try and group similar items when you package stuff. The reason for that is it helps organize stuff more efficiently, and you might even save space, too. 
  • Label all your boxes to avoid any confusion. It doesn’t take a lot of time or effort, but it will save you tons of time when you unpack stuff. For example, you want to know where your clothes and documents or first aid items are before anything else.
  • Create a box with essentials. Having a box with the items that you need right away is crucial, and you can add your phone, laptop and other items in there. That way, it’s easier to access the box right away as soon as you reach Chattanooga.
  • Insuring your items can help, and there are moving companies that have insurance themselves. In case anything happens to your items, they will be insured, which is great. However, that depends from one company to the other.

Closing thoughts

If you’re moving to Chattanooga to continue your studies, it’s very important to stay organized and label all your packages. Create a box with the essential stuff, and always ensure you work with a team of expert movers to avoid any issues. If you need to work with a professional team of movers, our team at Good Guys is here to assist as quickly as possible. We can easily help you move to Chattanooga safely, with great efficiency and outstanding customer support. Don’t hesitate and contact us today for more information!