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Prepping Items for Storage (in 8 Simple Steps)

So, it’s come time for you to take some of your items out of commission, but you still want to preserve them for future use. Keeping items fresh and protected in storage can be tricky. If you follow these simple tips, you can have your furniture, wall art, or sentimental belongings packed away safely for […]

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How to Declutter when Moving

The saying goes “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure”, but it’s hard to tell which is which when it comes time to let go. In the frenzy of packing and moving, sorting through the clutter to save the treasure looks more like Indiana Jones searching for the Holy Grail. Moving doesn’t have to bring […]

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How to Avoid 10 Common Packing Mistakes

If you thought listing and selling your home was the biggest nightmare of your moving experience, you probably haven’t given much thought to the packing process. Or, chances are, you have thought about it and have just been shoving those unpleasant thoughts to the bottom of your growing “to-do” list. Moving is a huge task […]

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Moving

There are moments where our ingenuity is put to the test. As I began this article, I felt a sense of writer’s block. It seemed like a relatively simple task: inform you fine people on tricks to make moving things easier. Yet…nothing. So I decided to make a pot of coffee. Only…there were no filters. […]

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