Moving From Nashville To DENVER

Every move from one city to another comes with its own unique challenges. So when you are planning a move from Nashville, TN, to Denver, CO, there are some very specific things you will want to know.

For one thing, when you plan to live in Denver, the biggest change from Nashville will be the altitude. Denver's elevation of more than 5,200 feet takes time to get used to. Once you arrive in Denver, it is a good idea to gradually increase the time you spend outdoors and ease into your favorite outdoor activities.

Climate and Weather in Denver

Denver has four distinct seasons of weather. It differs from Nashville in its lower humidity levels. This is mostly due to its higher elevation. Denver's high elevation is also responsible for the city's heavy snowfall, which averages 50 inches per year. Despite all the snow, Denver's winters are not frigid.

Public and Private Schools and Colleges in Denver

Denver's public school system includes about 92,000 students every year. The system boasts 92 elementary schools, 34 middle schools and 44 high schools. There are also 18 charter schools in the city.

When it comes to higher education, Denver has plenty of options to choose from -- and the city makes it convenient to get your degree: Parts of three public colleges come together in Denver’s Auraria Campus. Those colleges and universities include the University of Colorado Denver, Community College of Denver and Metropolitan State University of Denver. Denver is also home to the University of Denver, which is a private educational institution.

Best Denver Neighborhoods and Suburbs

Denver is a sprawling metro area, so you may want to focus your search on a few desirable neighborhoods. The Highlands and the Lower Highlands are popular among young people and single professionals who are looking for a hip vibe and places to hang out that are within walking distance of their apartments.

River North, known locally as RiNo, is another up-and-coming neighborhood that is in high demand by hipsters. If you do not mind a little bit of grit, the Capitol Hill neighborhood is a good choice if you want to live close to downtown without paying an arm and a leg for rent.

For suburbs, one option is Stapleton, which was recently built on the site of the old airport. It is affordable and an ideal neighborhood for families. Another good option is Englewood, where homes are small but affordable. Keep in mind that the cost of living in Denver is growing by about 8% per year, mostly due to housing costs. You will also pay more than the national average for health care, but groceries and taxes are lower than average. You may want to use a cost of living calculator in order to determine what you can afford.

Denver's Top Fun Things to Do

Denver has earned a nickname as the "Napa Valley of Beer." It has the second-highest number of microbreweries in the USA, coming in after Portland, OR. If you are a foodie, you will also enjoy Denver's bustling restaurant scene. Some good microbreweries and family-owned eateries include First Draft, Epic Brewing Company, Euclid Hall, Snooze and Beatrice & Woodsley.

If you are a sports fan, Denver has a lot of options for you. The Denver Broncos football team, Denver Nuggets basketball team, Colorado Avalanche hockey team and Colorado Rockies baseball team offer professional, major league sports events. Their stadiums also host concerts and other events throughout the year.

Families may enjoy spending time at the Museum of Nature & Science or the Denver Zoo. Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre offers 700 acres of hiking and nature areas for outdoor enthusiasts. At Washington Park, you can hike or visit the two large lakes. If you are up for a thrill, take the Mount Evans Scenic Byway to the peak of Mount Evans. The road's elevation increases by more than 9,000 feet from the start at the bottom to the top of the peak.

Why It's Important to Use Professional Movers When Relocating to Denver

The journey from Nashville, Tennessee to Denver, Colorado is a long one. If you have never driven in the mountains before, you probably do not want your first time to be behind the wheel of a huge moving truck! Hiring professional movers to navigate the tricky mountain roads is a smart decision.

You may also want some extra time to visit one of your favorite Nashville music venues, say goodbye to friends or take one last sightseeing trip in Nashville before moving to Denver. Hiring a team of professional movers gives you more time to use however you'd like -- and you can feel good about having moving professionals in charge of getting your belongings safely to your new Denver home.

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