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Ranking States By Energy Prices

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Americans use energy in many different ways — and all of that energy can take a toll on your bank account.

Electricity, natural gas, motor fuel, and home heating oils all factor into our energy costs.

Let’s examine the states with the best and worst price tags for energy each month, according to the team at Wallethub.

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#1 – Washington, D.C.

Total Monthly Energy Cost: $217

The nation’s capital is not the place one might expect to have the lowest energy rates. But, the District of Columbia is by far the least expensive place to consume power.

#2 – Washington

Total Monthly Energy Cost: $262

Washington State ranks second for energy costs. States in the Pacific Northwest rank higher than most. Surprisingly, no states from the South or Northeast made the top 5.

#3 – Colorado

Total Monthly Energy Cost: $269

Despite geographical and topological obstacles like the Rocky Mountains and Great Sand Dunes, Colorado manages to keep energy costs down for its residents.

#4 – Oregon

Total Monthly Energy Cost: $275

With heavy rainfall and the Pacific Ocean to draw from, Oregon is an ideal place for consuming energy. However, the price at the gas pump is much higher than the national average.

#5 – Arizona

Total Monthly Energy Cost: $295

One might assume since Arizona is a desert that energy prices would be sky-high. However, the price tag for energy falls well below what most Americans are paying.

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#47 – Alabama

Total Monthly Energy Cost: $371

Even though the south offers the lowest cost of living in the country, the region stacks up poorly when it comes to energy costs.

#48 – Georgia

Total Monthly Energy Cost: $374

The Peach State is one of the worst for energy prices. This can be attributed to monthly motor fuel costs, which are significantly higher than most states.

#49 – Massachusetts

Total Monthly Energy Cost: $380

The lion’s share of states in the Northeast rank in the middle of pack in terms of energy costs. However, Massachusetts ranks near the bottom.

#50 – Wyoming

Total Monthly Energy Cost: $403

Wyoming’s cost for motor fuel is the highest in the nation. At $246 per month, monthly gas prices are through the roof!

#51 – Connecticut

Total Monthly Energy Cost: $411

The worst state in the union for energy prices is Connecticut. Costs for all types of energy are among the highest in the country when ranked individually.

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