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Good Guy of the Month: Ethan Shulman

Good Guy of the Month: Ethan Shulman

Being a professional mover for any amount of time necessitates physical strength and mental fortitude. Our moving experts have a surplus of both of those qualities, but one crew member in particular has risen to the top in recent months. Ethan Shulman has made an immediate impact since joining the Good Guys Team earlier this year. He’s a product of Chattanooga who is no stranger to the moving industry. Shulman brought nearly three years of moving experience to the table when he came to Good Guys.

“I enjoy the physical exercise [of moving] and being outside. It gives me opportunities to make more money based on how I perform,” Shulman said.

Despite his wealth of experience, Ethan is still dedicated to learning more tricks of the trade.

“You get conditioned to it after a while. You get used to the labor side of it. But, you also learn new techniques. Certain things are really helpful and can save you a lot of time and energy,” Shulman said.

Ethan’s time at Good Guys has been markedly different than his stints with other moving companies.

“They don’t overwork you here and they respect you have a personal life. The other places don’t do that,” Shulman said.

His favorite part about working for Good Guys is the customers. Shulman believes that if he takes care of his customers, they will take care of him.

When he’s not donning a Good Guys uniform, Shulman spends his time skateboarding, hiking, and exercising. Ethan would like to shout out his parents, Kit and Russ. The entire Good Guys Family is proud to have you on board! Thank you for your hard work and dedication.

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