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Good Guy of the Month: Kam Shropshire

Good Guy of the Month Kam Shropshire Good Guy of the Month: Kam Shropshire

Each year, several movers separate themselves from the rest of the pack by providing unbelievably good service with an unrivaled work ethic and positive attitude. In just a little over six weeks on the job, Kam Shropshire has risen to claim to the title of Good Guy of the Month. That’s a new record for those of you keeping track at home!

Shropshire joined the Good Guys Team after working in a local factory. He needed to make a lifestyle change to support his family and Good Guys answered the call.

“I took this job because is was a good opportunity to provide for my family. I have a wife and little girl named Aaliyah who is seventeen months old,” Shropshire said.

Kam has already seen his fair share of the Deep South in a Good Guys Truck, including trips to Knoxville, Tennessee and Dothan, Alabama. Aside from the travel, he said his favorite thing about donning the blue and white uniform each day is the company culture.

“My favorite thing about being here is working for [Operations Manager] Ricky [Saenz]. It’s hard to find a boss like that and the movers here are good,” Shropshire said.

Kam hopes to move his way up to becoming a driver soon. His favorite boss believes that goal is well within the realm of possibility.

“Kam is very dependable and very respectful. He’s one of the nicest guys we have working here and he’s always willing to do more than he’s asked. He’s on his way to becoming a driver,” said Operations Manager Ricky Saenz.

When Kam isn’t in a Good Guys uniform, he enjoys taking his family out to eat and hiking.

We wish him the best and are grateful to have him on our team!

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