Good Guy Of The Month: Sherie Owens | Good Guys Moving

Good Guy of the Month: Sherie Owens

Good Guy of the Month: Sherie Owens

It’s not easy for someone to give up a profession, but that’s exactly what happened to Sherie Owens before finding a new career at Good Guys Moving & Delivery.

Sherie and her husband Brandon are a time-tested, dynamic duo. Prior to joining our team in Chattanooga, they operated a masonry business.

“We worked 17 years together laying brick and block. Being your own boss for that long, it’s not easy to transition to something else, but it’s been easy with this whole crew,” Owens said.

Good Guy of the Month: Sherie Owens
Sherie Owens loads a large box onto a Good Guys truck in East Brainerd, Tennnessee.

Sherie is closing in on one year at Good Guys. She said the physical demands of the job have had several positive impacts on her life.

“Brandon and I gained a little weight when we left masonry, he’s lost 70 pounds and I’ve lost 60 pounds since starting at Good Guys,” Owens said.

In less than one year, Sherie has become an invaluable member of our team, completing moves from Michigan to Florida. But one move in particular stands out as the most memorable.

“We did a move in Gatlinburg move. We stayed at Wilderness of the Smokies. It was something I had seen growing up and I always wanted to go have a vacation there. When we pulled in I was really tickled. It was one of those childhood wishes that came true.”

Sherie and Brandon have also had their fair share of trips to the Sunshine State. They’ve completed moves in Panama, Destin, Daytona, and Orlando, which has allowed them to have a few extra visits to the beach.

“My favorite part about this job is that I get to travel with my husband and see several places. Our jobs are always great. [Operations Manager] Ricky [Saenz] is great!” Owens said.

We would like to thank Sherie for all of her hard work and dedication. We truly appreciate you!