What Does it Cost to Hire a Moving Company?

You have found the perfect location for a new chapter in your life, and yet you hesitate on the excitement. The reality of moving is starting to hit, and you wonder about your options. More importantly, you might be wondering about your budget. Just how much is living the dream going to cost before you even get there, but more importantly- will all that work turn that dream into a nightmare?

Although it is practically impossible for us to guess the cost and labor load of moving your bungalow, two-bedroom apartment, or 3,500 square foot family home, utilizing a quality moving company can actually save both time and money. Choosing the company that fits your budget and meets your needs will take a little research. Let us give you a head start.

Moving cost calculators aren’t always accurate. Get an estimate.

You can find plenty of moving estimates on any number of search engines, but the bottom line will only come from an in-home estimate. One estimation site excites users by saying the low end of moving services is about $200. But just what does that cost give you? A rental truck? A bulk shipment of moving boxes? The packing tape?

For the true cost of going from point A to point B, search for reputable moving companies in your area and ask for an estimate. Many companies will offer these at no charge, and will be able to see what needs to be moved, how it needs to be packed or wrapped, and the size of equipment or number of labor hours that will be billed.  

Don’t compare apples to oranges with moving costs.

You might be tempted to DIY this whole moving thing under the assumption that it will be cheaper. This is not always the case. Factor in truck rental costs, fuel, mileage, moving equipment rentals like dollies, protective pads, bubble wrap or blankets, boxes, tape, missed hours at work to pack and load, etc…it is hard to put a price tag on time.

People always say “time is money” and when it coming to moving, bringing in the professionals might be your best bet. An estimate will give you an idea of the cost, and there is always room for negation. Packing a few things yourself might make lower or reducing your housing “inventory” will also adjust the price.

Annoy the heck out of your moving representative.

I’ll admit that this seems pretty rude, but I am referring to questioning their services, their fees, their policies, and so on. A quality moving company will be very upfront and transparent with their estimate- you should never be surprised by the final bill. Ask about moving specials or price matching; check on pricing in relation to your anticipated moving date. Do the rates vary between weekdays or weekends? What are their appliance moving guarantees; what if it no longer works due to damage during the move?

These questions might not be at the front of your mind when calling for estimates, but do your homework, make a list, and have it handy during that appointment. Being informed will keep the cost down and give you peace of mind about the results.

Experience beats excited adrenaline any day.

You might feel up to the task of moving; in fact, you are rarin’ to go and have collected boxes from every recycle bin in your neighbor. But stop and take a breath- have you ever moved before? And I am not talking about a college dorm room; that’s a cake walk compared to the shed from hoarders you have hidden in your backyard.

Different size boxes, carefully wrapped and neatly packaged items, labels, organization, and the sweat and toil of loading are what moving companies are all about. This is their job- they are professionals. It’s not asking cousin Harry over to wrap family heirlooms in newspaper and duct tape. You might be excited and confident, yet some things are better left to the professionals. Especially when you are dealing with irreplaceable memories and working on a deadline.

The bottom dollar.

You are probably thinking, “haven’t seen a dollar amount yet…” The crystal ball is drawing a blank on your moving estimate, but we can tell you that many local movers charge by the hour and it could range from $90-$120 an hour for the whole process. This often includes the packing, loading, and transport. The going hourly rate for a single mover is about $25 an hour, and tipping (at an average 20-25% rate) adds another $5 or so to your calculations.

Moving companies often use 2-4 movers, depending on the size of the job. Using movers for just the heavy lifting and truck rental might be more in the $60-$80 range per hour. Long distance moves are calculated by weight and you could be looking at an average of 70 cents per pound of household goods. This process is a little less standard, and case-by-case estimates can give you a more accurate picture. So…there is a reason the moving estimation calculator offers such wide range of prices.

Now that you are on information overload, pull up a semi-packed box and rethink your options. The house isn’t going to move itself, and you won’t be much help if you don’t know what you’re doing. Moving companies can be a lifesaver and budget friendly- you just have to know what questions to ask, how to plan ahead, be willing to compromise, and be committed to the process. So give Good Guy Movers a call or visit them online at https://goodguymovers.com/. Oh, and leave those rolling tape dispensers to the professionals; those things are the devil in the wrong hands.