Pack-Out Services

What are pack-out services and how do these services help companies after a disaster? With these services, our moving company works with insurance companies to assist other companies in the event that they experience water damage from an office flood or fire. Our job is to help move out all the office furniture and contents and store them. Once the water damage has been dealt with and the office is repaired, we move the contents back in.

How do we help out after a fire or flood?

After a fire or flood, we will come to the office and move everything out of the office that is still undamaged. Our team of professional packers come with all the right boxes and packing materials for all types of items.

Even if the office has fragile items and expensive furnishings, you won't have to worry. As a professional moving company, we have experienced movers who use the right protective materials to keep your furniture safe while packing it.

How do we store items moved during our pack-out services?

After our professional packers save everything they can, we put all of the company’s belongings to be stored in one of our dry storage facilities. Following a flood or fire, the office premises may need treatment for mold or mildew before the furnishings and other items can safely return. Our dry storage facilities make sure the contents of the office or workplace are protected from any sort of chemical residue from the mold or mildew treatment.

How long do we store these items?

We offer both short-term and long-term storage. If you need to store your items with us for a long time, we provide both vaulting and crating services for those items.

How quickly do we unpack and return your items?

Once the office is clean and ready to get up and running again, our team of professional packers will move all of the stored items back into the office. We can provide help for just some of the unpacking or all of it, depending on your needs.

Pack-out services help workplaces open up faster after a fire or flood

At Good Guys Moving and Delivery, our professional packers help minimize the damage so businesses can get back up and running faster. If you are interested in using our pack out services, get in touch with us today!

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