Should I Pack Up My Junk?

You realize you are quickly running out of space in the garage, attic or basement. Perhaps you have a storage shed harboring years’ worth of family purchases or old furniture. Maybe you are moving and need to clean out the property. You may be interested in living more efficiently, downsizing and maximizing your space for priority needs. Before you call a junk removal service, here are some ways to prepare for the clean-up.

Be Organized

As you work towards disposal day, begin by cleaning one room or space at a time. If you are keen on keeping some of the items you have collected, sort through and pack up what you want to keep. Clearly label those boxes “to keep” and place in a separate location or on one side of the room. This will make it easier for a removal service to know what to take and what to leave. It can be overwhelming to sift through your things in a hurry. Take the time beforehand to decide if you are keeping anything.

Be Specific

After you have gone through what you wish to keep, you can begin the task of hiring a junk removal company. When you make calls, give specific details in order to receive a more accurate quote on their services. If you have large pieces of furniture, yard debris, or a garage of random articles needing removal, be sure to indicate the type and general amount of waste they will be hauling. Some companies have additional fees for items such as appliances or electronics, and many have restrictions on removing paint or hazardous items like chemicals, oil or solvents.

Be Eco-friendly

If you have a lot of usable materials or waste that will be picked up, check the removal company’s policy on donations. If you have a lot of paper or plastic waste, find out if they will dispose of the materials at a recycling plant. Some companies offer a pricing contract which follows a flat rate for truck volume, and recycling or donating materials to local non-profits are always a part of their services.

Be Cost-Conscious

Before signing up with a removal service, always call and ask about an in-home estimate. Many companies will offer these free of charge, making it easier for you to get things ready. Ask if their pricing is all inclusive or if not, find out what additional fees may be incurred throughout the process. Do they charge by tonnage, by the job or by the truckload?

Be Prepared

If your removal service has the option to drop off a dumpster, you won’t need to bag or box anything. Simply throw it in and wait for the pick-up date. Other companies will offer hassle-free removal. If you have already sorted through what you want to keep, they will pick up and load the garbage or junk for you, straight from room or space it was sitting. They will carry it out to their truck and sweep the area once they are done. Not all companies offer this service, so find out during your estimate how much prep work is involved.

Be Cautious

Although junk removal can be tough, sweaty work, it should be affordable. This is one reason for getting an estimate. While the junk removal companies end up paying for disposal services at a landfill or waste management site, you should not be paying unreasonable labor, fuel or disposal costs when compared to a DIY cost. The national average for junk removal services is around $100 minimum on a small truckload of 15 cubic yards, with costs increasing by length. Some companies prefer to charge by the ton, with costs starting around $60 a ton. Costs may also increase by the number of people the job entails, the number of trips needed or the type of waste to be removed.

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