Top 10 Destinations for Americans on the Move

About 1 in 10 Americans move every year and the places they choose to go are changing. Cities like Denver, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. once had a firm spot on this list, but now people are leaving those cities in droves. Here’s a look at the Top 10 Destinations for Americans on the Move.

10. Nashville, Tennessee

The Music City is one of America’s most rapidly changing landscapes. Not only is Nashville the music capital of the United States, but it also boasts a lively restaurant and bar scene. The unemployment rate is extremely low and the cost of living is much cheaper for cities comparable in size. Americans are flocking to Nashville because it’s big city living on a budget!

9. Boston, Massachusetts

Bean Town is one of the most attractive cities on the East Coast. People are moving to Boston for its world-class education and healthcare. It’s also one of the most walk-able cities in America, according to Cambridge. The city is also integral to the history and formation of the United States. The people moving there also enjoy how close it is to other major cities like New York, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh.

8. Tampa, Florida

Tampa is the only city in Florida to make this list. On top of the weather, residents enjoy low taxes and no state income tax. It’s close proximity to some of the state’s best beaches doesn’t hurt either! Tampa also has a thriving entertainment sector — specifically sports teams, theme parks, and restaurants.

7. Portland, Oregon

While the city has built its reputation on being weird, Portland actually offers stunning views and some of the country’s greatest job opportunities. It’s one of America’s top destinations for careers in technology, healthcare, and sports. However, residents complain about the rising cost of living and the competitiveness of the job market. If you’re looking for a heavy dose of West Coast culture, Portland is the place you want to be.

6. Dallas, Texas

The Queen City of the Prairie has been one of the nation’s top centers for business for decades. It boasts a low unemployment rate, rapid job growth, and a wide range of job diversity. The cost of living is also low when compared to other major cities. You may not think of art when you think of Dallas, but the city is home to many world-renowned museums. The food industry is also one of the city’s top selling points.

5. Austin, Texas

The Heart of Texas is one the most appealing cities in the world. It’s a leader in technology and healthcare, but also offers a culture like none other. If you can look past the high cost of living, you’ll enjoy an unrivaled live music and food scene. The city is also known for its extensive system of parks, lakes, and pools. Dallas and Austin both also have no state income tax.

4. Atlanta, Georgia

A-Town is the heartbeat of the South. It’s nicknamed The City in a Forest, which is a unique feature for a city of its size and population. The weather is fantastic and more than a dozen Fortune 500 companies call Atlanta home. Atlanta is likely the most affordable city on this list in terms of cost of living. Because of Atlanta’s massive scale, there are suburban neighborhoods for every taste and walk of life. And did we mention soul food?

3. Las Vegas, Nevada

If you hate taxes, Las Vegas is a good place to start. The state of Nevada has one of the lowest tax rates for residents and no state income tax. That’s because casinos and hotels pick up most of the tab. The city is an entertainment paradise and the world’s top destination for gambling. The cost of living is slightly below the national average. However, its career opportunities are limited because of the type of industries located in the city. Regardless, Las Vegas is never boring!

2. Sacramento, California

Unlike most of California, Sac-Town is a relatively affordable place to live. It’s not a coastal city, but what it lacks in oceanfront property it makes up for with a beautiful system of rivers and lakes. Sacramento is an anomaly in The Golden State because of its expansive urban forestation. Although, summers can be very hot and dry.

1. Phoenix, Arizona

A city known for its intense heat may come as a surprise, but more Americans are choosing to move to Phoenix than any other city! But, the city does have its perks. The sun shines more than 300 days each year. The desert and mountains are a playground for outdoor activities. Phoenix is also a haven for start-up companies and five Fortune 500 companies call the city home. Natives also boast about how light the traffic is for a city comprised of 1.6 million people.

SOURCE: Redfin 2019 Q4 Housing Migration Report