Why You Should Settle Down in the South

If you look beyond the cliches of southern culture, you’ll find that the southeast is ripe with beauty, opportunity, and hospitality (the wonderful weather doesn’t hurt either).

But, if you’re still on the fence, here’s 7 reasons you should settle down in the South.

  1. COST OF LIVING: Compared to the rest of the country, living in the South is significantly less expensive. So while some folks spend $3,500 per month on a condo, we’re spending about $1,100 per month on a three-bedroom house. Almost everything is cheaper here.
  2. THE FOOD: Every part of the country has its own signature cuisine, but the South has what is arguably the most diverse palette. Classics like biscuits and gravy and grits are easy to come by — but don’t sleep on other favorites like barbecue, fried chicken, and mashed potatoes. Plus, southern cities are filled with mom and pop shops serving artisanal takes on regional dishes.
  3. THE WEATHER: Most parts of the South (with the exception of Florida and Texas) experience four distinct seasons. Spring offers vibrant green canopies and wildflowers. Summer is hot and prime for heading to the beach. Fall is full of contrasting colors. And Winter brings a blanket of white snow and ice.
  4. IT’S A NATURAL PARADISE: No matter what terrain you prefer, the South has it in spades. Take Georgia for instance. In Georgia alone, you’ll find mountain ranges, isolated forests, plains, beaches, and an abundance of natural wonders.
  5. SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY: It’s a staple of the South. Being kind to one another makes the world an easier place to manage. There’s no need to be caught off guard when someone opens a door for you or uses the words “sir” and “maam”.
  6. THE MUSIC: Whether you prefer pop, rock, country, jazz, or indie music — it’s here. The South has been at the forefront of the national music scene for decades. Cities like Nashville, Atlanta, Austin, and Birmingham are havens for some of the world’s most-revered artists.
  7. LESS TAXES: The majority of southern states have lower income taxes — or none whatsoever. That cash goes directly into your pocket. Florida, Tennessee, and Texas don’t even have state income taxes.